Recommendations and Meeting Minutes

Summary of Recommendations

The Engagement and Regional Prosperity Task Force recommended the following:

  1. Expand and elevate WSU’s contribution to the local community, region, state, and beyond, establish a WSU division or office and senior level administrator focused on coordinating and supporting the implementation of community engagement and prosperity activities and efforts.
  2. Support the exchange of ideas and opportunities to help address community and organization needs, create an Engagement & Prosperity Committee that includes selected WSU faculty and staff and identified alumni and community members.
  3. Create internal consistencies, explore aligning contract and grant centers into one high-functioning unit.
  4. Further develop relationships, identify community and organization needs to help support the establishment of new community – WSU partnerships.
  5. Continue to understand the diverse strengths, activities, and resources across WSU, partner with the Strategic Planning Committee to develop and maintain an inventory of community engagement activities at WSU and WSU Tech.
  6. Raise student involvement, support existing and create new pipelines between WSU and local businesses, nonprofits, and government.
  7. Recognize and support WSU faculty and staff, design and implement an Engagement Academy where participants connect with local leaders, collaborate with each other, and identify ways to meet community needs.
  8. Create additional exposure, support or create four yearly benchmark activities that focus on engagement and economic development efforts.