Lead: Werner Golling, Vice President for Finance and Administration

Charge: Working through the existing campus-wide Sustainability Steering Committee this initiative will draft a position description for an inaugural campus sustainability director and Office of Sustainability Initiatives, consistent with similar positions existing on campuses and businesses throughout the nation. This office would be asked to work with faculty, staff and students to identify and develop programs that lower our operating costs by reducing our ecological footprint, and explore the creation of a faculty-led Sustainability Center to undertake grant-funded applied research for our campus and our region.


Lead: Emily Patterson, Executive Director of Facilities Planning

Charge: Initiate the process of updating our Master Plan through the engagement of a qualified outside party (consistent with university master planning processes across the country). This process will ensure the active participation of our students, staff and faculty, as well as community members. 


Lead: Shelly Coleman-Martins, Associate Vice President for Strategic Communications and Chief Marketing Officer

Charge: Actively engage members of our campus community to examine how effectively we are branding and marketing our institution and provide recommendations. Priorities include working with our Deans and Shocker Store to identify web, communications and apparel branding needs for our colleges and opportunities that enhance institutional and unit-level affiliation by our students and alumni. This group will also be working with our Strategic Enrollment team, Alumni Association, Shocker Store and other campus constituents to provide recommendations on how to strengthen our branding and marketing in key enrollment markets along the I-35 corridor.