Recommendations and Meeting Minutes

Summary of Recommendations

The Foundation and Alumni Affairs Task Force recommended the following:

  1. The financial resources currently allocated by the University in support of the Alumni Association be retained per a multi-year, renewable Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) as a part of the merger. The current allocated financial resources serve as a minimum, with additional University financial support based on the additional services and requests of the newly formed organization.
  2. The merger is based on a desire for greater effectiveness and efficiency in meeting the needs of Wichita State University and our alumni.
  3. The merger would be pursued with an attitude of mutual respect and will consider the following perspectives.
    1. Legal.
    2. Financial.
    3. Stakeholders.
    4. Employees.
  4. The process of the merger will be managed by a committee of four board members from each organization along with the respective CEOs of the entities.
  5. Finally, the task force recommends that planning for this merger commence immediately with the goal of completion by June 30, 2021.