Recommendations and Meeting Minutes

Summary of Recommendations

The Military, Veteran and First Responders Task Force recommended the following:

Wichita State University leadership has undertaken measures to enhance shared governance and align the structure, systems and culture of the university. We think the first step toward the process of a new vision is to initiate collaboration between Military and Veterans Services and First Responders. The commonalities of these populations can only be understood by those that have been in these positions and serve multiple purposes by forming bonds, common interests and a sense of security by being housed together. We believe this is essential to all other functions and subsets to move forward.

In addition, we believe the cross-functioning of having police department leaders involved with Veterans Affairs and likewise veterans and active military having opportunities for student positions or future employment with the police department/public safety is a talent pool that needs to be developed. While enhanced collaboration proposed and co-location are proposed, we recommend Military and Veterans services remain under the Division of Diversity and Community Engagement, along with Army ROTC as separate departments. An inventory has been completed and enhanced services and policies should be explored to identify opportunities for military, veterans and first responders as separate independent populations, which are outlined in the comprehensive report.