Pushing the boundaries of digital engineering to advance legacy aircraft into the digital age.  


Digital Twin Laboratories


Our mission is to provide students with a quality education in order to enter the workforce confidently, and provide those already in the workforce with the education to get ahead.

Reverse Engineering Lab

The Reverse Engineering Laboratory supports local and national industry to create 3D models from physical parts and products. Within one lab, we can reverse engineer a part, make design modifications and inspect to the new design or original CAD data.


The Sustainment Lab supports the federal government and the aviation industry with investigations into the effects of age on commercial and military aircraft.


Shawn Ehrstein
Director, Emerging Technologies & CAD/CAM
(316) 978-5839

Melinda Laubach-Hock, Ph.D.,
Director, Sustainment
(316) 978-8205

Brian R. Formy-Duval
Associate Director, Sustainment
(316) 978-8223