Mark Vermillion is chair and professor in the Department of Sport Management and director of the Organizational Leadership and Learning degree program at Wichita State University. He came to Wichita State from Oklahoma State University in 2006, and he specializes in teaching performance psychology, ethics in sports, and organizational leadership


Academic Interests and Expertise
  • PhD. Sociology, Oklahoma State University
    “Perceptions of Campus Crime”
  • M.A. Sociology, Wichita State University
           “The Relationship of Sports Participation and Deviant Behavior in Adolescents”
  •  B.S. Social Sciences, Emphasis in History and Sociology, Kansas State University

Research Interest

        • Organizational deviance and ethical decision-making
        • Perceptions of leadership and organizational behavior
        • Organizational history
        • Coaching environments and perceptions
        • Sports criminology
        • Harm, deviance, and violence in sport
        • Social psychology, group dynamics in sport
        • Sport participation factors and barriers
        • Sociology of sport and health
Areas of Teaching Interest

Dr. Vermillion teaches a variety of courses within Sport Management, Workforce Leadership, and across campus. Courses taught include:

  • EDUC 421: Organizational Design and Engagement I
  • EDUC 422: Organizational Design and Engagement II
  • EDUC 485: Critical Organizational Studies
  • EDUC 751C: Organizational History as Leadership
  • EDUC 751D: Organizational Ethics and Decision-making
  • EDUC 751E: Leading a Remote Workforce
  • KSS 528: Sport Finance
  • SOC 111Q: Introduction to Sociology (Wichita State University)
  • SOC 323/CJ 324: Sports Criminology
  • SOC 330Q: Social Inequality and Stratification                                                       
  • SOC 399: Sports, Deviance, and Violence
  • SMGT 465: Psychology of Sport and Physical Activity
  • SMGT 475: Sport and Physical Activity in American Culture
  • SMGT 540: Seminar in Sport Business
  • SMGT 585: Critical Sports Studies
  • SMGT 750: Sports Consumer Research
  • SMGT 750D: Sociology of Coaching
  • SMGT 750I: Sociocultural Dimensions of Sport Management                                
  • SMGT 750N: Social and Psychological Foundations of Sport
  • SMGT 750Q: Sports, Stories, and Film
  • SMGT 799: Mentoring and Networking in Sport
  • SMGT 802: Leadership and Ethics in Sport
  • SMGT 802: Ethics in Sport                                       
  • SMGT 811: Sport in Society
  • SMGT 818: Psychology of Sport
Professional Experience

Professional Experience and Responsibilities

        • 2020-2021       Interim Associate Dean, College of Applied Studies
        • 2020-2021       Chair, Athletics Taskforce (Wichita State University)
        • 2020-Present   Director, Higher Education, Leadership, and Mentoring (HELM) Program
        • 2020-Present   Associate Director, Center for Esports Research, Education, and Leadership (CEREL)
        • 2018-2019       Chair-elect, Interdisciplinary Activation Team, Wichita State University Strategic Planning
        • 2018-2020       Wichita State University strategic planning group
        • 2018-Present   Director, Workforce Leadership and Applied Learning
        • 2018-Present   Board of Directors for The Fuse
        • 2018                  Professor, Wichita State University
        • 2014-Present   Chair, Department of Sport Management
        • 2013-2014       Interim chair, Department of Sport Management
        • 2013-2018       Executive Director: Partnership for the Advancement of Sport Management (PASM)
        • 2012-2018       Associate Professor, Wichita State University
        • 2010-2015       Graduate coordinator
        • 2006- 2012      Assistant Professor, Wichita State University
        • 2006-2010       Undergraduate coordinator
        • 2007-Present   Adjunct Instructor, Wichita State University Sociology Department

Awards and Honors

        • 2020                Inductee, Commission on Sport Management Accreditation (COSMA) Hall of Fame
        • “Envelope Stuffer” Award, COSMA
        • 2019                President’s Distinguished Service Award
        • 2017                Emory Lindquist Endowed Faculty Award
        • 2015                College of Education: Service Award Recipient
        • 2014-2015       WSU Online Learning Faculty Fellow
        • 2013-2014       College of Education nominee and finalist for Wichita State University young faculty scholar award
        • 2006-2012       Nominated for the Academy for Effective Teaching (AET) teaching award
        • 2008                College of Education: Research Award Recipient