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The Wichita Entrepreneurship Coalition (ICT-EC) 

A collaboration between Wichita State University and NXTUS. The mission of the ICT-EC is to support entrepreneurship and accelerate regional innovation-led economic competitiveness and job creation. This partnership includes the WSU offices of Innovation & New Ventures, Tech Transfer & Commercialization, and Strategic Initiatives. EDA Build to Scale Venture Challenge ICT-EC is a grant recipient of the nationally competitive Build to Scale (B2S) Venture Challenge, a program of the U.S. Economic Development Administration (EDA). The Challenge seeks to support entrepreneurship and accelerate company growth in communities, regions, or a combination of regions through tech-enabled economic development initiatives. In an effort to accommodate an increased demand for startup support and stimulate economic growth in Wichita, ICT-EC will use these funds to develop accessible programs that can take an idea from concept to market. The purpose/vision of the award/project is to accelerate not only our community’s technology commercialization activities, but also the specialized job growth in new industries that we desperately need.


Enterprise Engagement Series

A targeted program to activate a rich knowledge network and forge relationships between Kansas companies and established enterprises. This program aims to demystify the partnering process, to build customer pathways and accelerate innovation and startup growth. 

Our curated group of Enterprise Partners will share how their teams think about engaging with vendors and collaborators at various stages, from understanding buying motivations to what's going on behind the scenes. They'll also share recommended best practices for engagement and the cohort members will leave with their own Enterprise Playbook. 

Enterprise Engagement Series

Customer Traction Cohort 

NXTUS knows that the business you're trying to grow needs customized help and support resources, targeted for exactly where you are in your journey. This program, for early-stage, Kansas companies with product in market and some revenue, offers everything entrepreneurs need in order to dial in on product-market fit, boost customer acquisition, identify scalable solutions, and accelerate revenue...without costing you money or any of your ownership.

Customer Traction Cohort

Matchmaking Program

Cutting-edge technology backed with the know-how to get it to market ……. Wichita State University’s Matchmaking Program is here to get the technology of tomorrow into your hands today!

WSU Matchmaking Program

ignitor 1.0 and 2.0

ignitor 1.0

Have an idea and don’t know where to start? (You have probably had an idea for a new product or business rolling around your head for a while now, but you’re just aren’t sure how to get started). ignitor 1.0 is a proven program to help you move your idea forward, enhance it, and find out if you have what it takes to bring it to market.

In ignitor 1.0 you will learn the key concepts and start-up language, how to talk about your idea, what to expect going through the process, how to listen to feedback to improve your idea, and why you need a prototype of your idea.

ignitor 1.0 is for innovators and aspiring entrepreneurs wanting to get started moving their idea forward by learning the start-up process and improving their idea.

ignitor 2.0

Customer engagement starts before your product or business is even launched by talking directly to your future buyers to gain vital feedback on your idea and business strategy. This process of collecting evidence that your idea has value is “Customer Validation”.

Customer validation can help you accurately define your target market, pricing strategy, and value proposition. By talking with potential customers, they will help you understand if your product solves a need for them and what value your product or business will have.

The process of customer validation is an art. In ignitor 2.0 you will learn the tips and tricks of talking with potential customers to gain valuable feedback through open ended questions. You will also identify your unique value proposition and start developing a business model canvas that will lead you to a solid business strategy and how you will make money.

ignitor 2.0 is for innovators and entrepreneurs who have completed ignitor 1.0 or have clearly defined how their idea solution solves a particular problem and are committed to mapping and digging into the steps towards launching their startup.

WSU ignitor 1.0 and 2.0



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