Frequently Asked Questions

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1. How should I protect my idea?

As an innovator, you want to see your ideas or inventions be commercialized for public benefit. In some cases a patent may be the correct method to protect your idea; in other cases, a copyright registration may be the most appropriate. For Wichita State University faculty, staff, and students WSU Ventures will evaluate the best method of protection. For non-WSU Innovators, refer to the Patent & Trademark Resource Center.


2. Will filing a patent prevent me from publishing or presenting my research?

No! You can simultaneously work with WSU Ventures to obtain your patent and participate in the full range of academic activities such as teaching, research, publication, speaking at conferences, etc. WSU Ventures will work with you to ensure that the patent application is filed before you publicly disclose your invention.


3. I'm interested in collaborating with industry. How can WSU Strategic Initiatives and WSU Ventures help?

WSU has many industry contacts and a deep understanding of how industry works with universities. Contact us to set up an appointment to learn more.


4. I'm ready to get started. Who should I speak to at WSU Strategic Initiatives?

Please call us at (316) 978-5363, or complete the Customer Profile and a member of our team will review and contact you. You can also view Our Team if you would like to speak with a specific individual.

Research Capabilities

1. Is it possible for a company to own the Intellectual Property (IP) resulting from sponsored research at the university?

Research at Wichita State University generates a diverse portfolio of technologies available for license. The intellectual property (IP) rights to any innovations developed or discovered solely by Wichita State University researchers are owned by WSU. WSU Ventures is responsible for managing Wichita State University intellectual property, and for licensing rights to this IP to industry. View details about WSU Research with Industry.


2. Can my company collaborate with Wichita State University on research and development?

Wichita State University has a wide range of outstanding research as well as unique facilities and capabilities. We welcome collaboration with industry. You may contact us about your specific interests or needs, or you may contact Wichita State University researchers directly. We will facilitate your collaboration with Wichita State University to make it easy and straightforward. 

Innovator Opportunities

1. How do I get help starting a business if I'm not a Wichita State University faculty, staff or student?

Visit our Resources for Innovators page.


2. Will my idea work? How do I find out if an idea works?

Contact WSU Strategic Initiatives, we can connect you with WSU resources to test your idea or assist you in developing a prototype.


3. How do I find out about events for innovators?

Check out our events calendar.


4. What resources are available for innovators?

Check out our Resources for Innovators page.


5. How do I find investors to help take my invention to market?

Wichita Technology Corp. supports technology advancement, transfer and commercialization in Kansas by leveraging public resources with those of the private sector to facilitate business formation and growth.

  • SBIR/STTR Grants
  • Outside Investors and Banks
  • Traditional Loan Options (SBA loans and USDA loans)
  • Connect with SBA loan options here.


6. How do I bid on government contracts?

Procurement Technical Assistance (PTAC) is a program that assists businesses sell products and services to state, local and federal government agencies.


7. How can I learn more about WSU startups?

Please contact us directly to inquire about available opportunities.

About Us

1. How do I contact WSU Strategic Initiatives?

Our office telephone number is 316-978-5363. Our email address is Or you can fill out our contact form and we will reach out to you.


2. Where is the WSU Strategic Initiatives office?

We are located on the Wichita State University campus at 1800 Innovation Boulevard, Wichita, Kansas, 67208. Our office is on the first floor of the John Bardo Center in Room 163.


3. What are the WSU Strategic Initiatives hours of operation?

Our office is open 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. You may leave a message for our office by phone at 316-978-5363 or email us at