Frequently Asked Questions

What is I-Corps?

The National Science Foundation (NSF) Innovation Corps (I-Corps) is designed to support and nurture a national innovation ecosystem by assisting universities in transforming research discoveries into commercialized products which benefit society.

Wichita State University is an NSF I-Corps site.  The Shocker Innovation Corps nurtures and supports WSU entrepreneurial teams interested in accelerating their STEM ideas, research and product commercialization. Ideas/projects can originate from student work, research and institutional/industrial projects.  

What is the E-launch customer validation training?

The primary goal of the E-launch customer validation training is to foster entrepreneurial activity that will lead to the commercialization of technology based ideas.  Through an interactive process, participants will learn to clearly conceptualize how the product or service can provide real value to customers.   Participants will be shown how to validate their value proposition with customers and other stakeholders.  In addition, the program will assist you to develop a business model that will deliver the value proposition to customers and provide a framework and methodology to create a viable startup company.

How long is the E-launch training?

The E-launch program is six class sessions over an 8-week period of time.

When is E-launch offered?

E-launch will be offered in May, September and January.

How many classes do you need to attend?

The Entrepreneurial Lead is required to attend all six sessions.

Is the cost $210 per class, or does it cover all classes for E-launch?

The amount of $210 covers the cost of the E-launch training and provides for use of on-line tools during the 6-month Shocker Innovation Corps period.  The $210 is deducted from the $2,150 award amount.

Can a team have more than one Entrepreneurial Lead?

There can be additional team members, but the team must select one Entrepreneurial Lead.

Can one team member be the Academic Lead and the Mentor?
No, each team must have an Academic Lead and a Mentor, and one person cannot fill two roles.
Can you help me find a mentor?
Absolutely. Please contact us for assistance.