LASI 150G/750G - Interstellar Seminar

Spring 2024 – Wednesdays 2:30—3:20 CT

Space science, engineering, and humanities are key to rapidly growing sectors of the economy and society. People living and working in space, our civilization becoming multiplanetary, and multigenerational missions to distant stars, will soon be a reality. Interstellar Seminar (LASI 150G/750G) at Wichita State University introduces students to current research topics in interstellar space studies and offers an opportunity to interact with the experts across the space fields each week. We cover a survey of topics related to interstellar peopled missions, from life support systems to propulsion to social issues. This nontechnical course is open to students in-person, online, and asynchronously, and open to the general public.

Course info: 

  • Hybrid/In-person CRN25540/26124
  • Remote/Synchronous/Asynchronous CRN25539/26125
  • 1 Credit hour - Credit/No Credit
  • General credit hour for any degree
  • Non-Technical - Reflection papers – No Exams
  • For everyone – Accessible everywhere
  • Expert guest speakers and panels

Science, Social & Philosophy Topics: Astronomy, Missions, Exoworlds, Rockets, Advanced Manufacturing, Crew Rationale, Life Support, Health, Psychology, Language, Culture, SciFi

Interstellar Seminar Series 2024

We invite the general public to join us on Wednesdays at 2 PM Central, starting January 17, 2024 on Zoom: Meeting ID: 952 7140 9199 Password: 296620