Current 2024 Seminar Schedule

Date Topic Speaker
January 17 Introduction to the Interstellar Community Steve Durst, Space Age Publishing
January 24 Prior Missions Todd Barber, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
January 31 Stars, Distance, Time, and Interstellar Space

Jason Ferguson, Wichita State University

Nick Solomey, Wichita State University

February 7 Exoworlds: Habitability Mark Schneegurt, Wichita State University
February 14 Exoworlds: Detection and Characterization Thayne Currie, Subaru Telescope
February 21 Planetary Protection and SETI

Daniel Czech, UC Berkeley

Mark Schneegurt, Wichita State University

February 28 Propulsion

Les Johnson, Space Visionary

March 6 Regeneration and Resupply

Alex Ellery, Carleton University

March 20 Rationale for Crewed Missions

JS Johnson-Schwartz, Wichita State University

March 27 Life Support Sustems Grant Anderson, Paragon Space Development Corporation
April 3 Space Medicine

Jay Lemery, University of Colorado School of Medicine

April 10 Art in Space

Daniela De Paulis

April 17 Space Psychology and Government

Nick Kanas, UC San Francisco

April 24 Lanugage and History

Mythili Menon, Wichita State University

George Dehner, Wichita State University

May 1 Science Fiction

Mark Schneegurt, Wichita State University