A shelter in place incident is a potential threatening situation on campus that may involve disasters such as an active shooter or an outdoor hazardous material release where it is safer for individuals to remain in a sheltered area of a building. Thus, to ‘shelter-in-place’ means to make a shelter of the building that you are in, and with a few adjustments this location can be made even safer and more comfortable until it is safe to go outside. If you are inside, stay where you are. Collect any emergency supplies and a cell phone to be used in case of emergency. If you are outdoors, proceed into the closest building quickly or follow instructions from emergency personnel on the scene.

A text message will be sent to faculty, staff and students who are subscribers of the university’s emergency notification system and an email message will be sent to all WSU email addresses indicating the nature of the emergency and what steps to take to protect yourself.

  • Locate a room to shelter inside.
  • It should be an interior room.
  • Without windows or with the least number of windows. If there is a large group of individuals inside a building, several rooms may be necessary.
  • Shut and close exterior doors.
  • Make a list of the individuals with you.