A psychological crisis or suicide threat should be taken seriously. The following actions can reduce the risk of crisis escalation.



  • Take threats seriously. Most suicidal students or employees give some warning of their intentions.
  • If you think a student or employee might be suicidal, discuss your concerns with him or her. This kind of discussion can actually reduce the risk of harmful behavior and doesn't put ideas in their heads.
  • If a student or employee is acting strangely, discuss your concerns with him or her, especially if the student’s behavior has recently changed. Early intervention can help prevent subsequent escalation.
  • Encourage a referral. The UBIT at 978-UBIT can provide effective assistance in most of these situations.
  • Keep your own safety in mind. A student or employee may not intend to harm you, but it can happen due to emotional distress or miscalculation.
  • Contact the UBIT, 978-UBIT for additional help or advice.