It is possible that you may someday receive a threatening telephone call, letter or suspicious parcel or discover a suspicious object somewhere on the premises.

Explosive Device Data Record

If you receive a telephone threat:

  1. Remain calm.
  2. Listen carefully. Be polite and show interest. Try to keep the caller talking so that you can gather more information.
  3. Use the Explosive Device Data Record information to question the caller in a polite and non-interrogative manner. Use any means, even humor, to prolong the conversation. This will provide a better chance to identify the voice and hopefully obtain additional information about a device, the validity of the threat, or the identity of the caller.
  4. Upon completion of the call, immediately notify the University Police Department (UPD) at 911 (Campus telephone) or 978-3450 (Non-campus telephone) and complete the Explosive Device Data Record as soon as possible while the incident is fresh in your memory.
  5. If a threat has been received by another individual and he/she is relaying this information to you, use the Explosive Device Data Record to get as much information from them as possible.

A suspicious item is defined as anything which is out of place and cannot be accounted for or any item suspected of being an explosive device.

If you receive a written threat or a suspicious parcel or if you find a suspicious object anywhere on the premises:

  1. Keep anyone from handling it or going near it.
  2. Do not use portable radio equipment within 300 feet of a suspicious item.
  3. Notify the UPD at 911 (Campus telephone) or 978-3450 (Non-campus telephone) IMMEDIATELY
  4. Promptly write down everything you can remember about receiving the letter or parcel or finding the object. The information will be needed by the police.
  5. Remain calm. Do not discuss the threat with other staff members.
  6. Be guided by police instructions.