How to submit a ticket for Remote Desktop Access


If you have never utilized Remote Desktop to access your WSU Work computer, you will need to submit a ticket to request access by following the steps below.

  1. Through a web browser, access the ‘Desktop Support – Help Me Set Up/Change’ ticket, via the following link:
    Remote Desktop Ticket
  2. Click Request Service
    You may be prompted to enter credentials to sign into the Client Portal
    Log in for TDX

Ticket Details

Remote Access ticket image

  • Requestor field:  person’s name who needs Remote Desktop.
    Will automatically fill; can be changed if you are submitting a ticket on behalf of someone else
  • Department Field:  auto-populate based on the Requestor; can be changed if it is incorrect
  • Location & Room Number:  where work computer being accessed is located
  • Alternate Phone Number & Email Address:  enter if needed
  • Preferred Contact Timeframe: enter requested times & days
  • Requested Service: select Windows or MacOS
  • Admin Rights Request or Other Request: select Windows or Mac Settings
  • Operating System: select Windows
  • Title:  type Request Remote Desktop Access
  • Request Details: enter the details of request, include the host name of work computer needing setup
    • To find hostname:
      • Click Start Menu
      • Select the Settings gear
        Image of windows settings gear
      • Select System
        Image of Windows Systems button
      • Click About located in the bottom left menu
        Device name located under Device specifications
        Image of Window About Device page
  • Impact:  Select Affects 1 person
  • Urgency:  High
  • Click Request to submit ticket

Contact the ITS Technology Help Desk at (316) 978-4357, option 1 for assistance.