These resources are for use during ITS-led training sessions of Microsoft Excel. These sessions are available for all faculty and staff at WSU. To sign up for a session, visit myTraining in myWSU.

Excel Training Materials

Excel Guide

Microsoft Excel Guide:  From ITS Applications Training

Microsoft Excel Guide: from Microsoft


Download your session exercises below to follow along in your remote session.

Remote Training Information

Please look through the information below to prepare for your remote training.

Teams Meetings

Remote sessions will be held in Teams Meetings. If you would like to familiarize yourself with your options in Teams meetings, here is a quick guide to get you started. Are you iterested in learning more about Teams? Check out the Teams Hub, or attend a full training. You can sign up in myTraining.

Windows versus Mac

These sessions will all be presented on the PC version of Office 365. If you are interested in updating, contact the Help Desk (978 4357) for assistance.

If you are a Mac user (Hi Mac users!), you are most welcome to attend these sessions, and you shouldn't have any trouble following along! Just know that these trainings will be presented on a PC, so there will be a slightly different look and feel, and occasionally a feature that may not be available on a Mac. 

Screen Real Estate Notice

You will get the most value from remote sessions when you have sufficient screen real estate to view presenter’s screen and the software application on your own screen: this can be accomplished with dual monitors, a large monitor, or by accessing the Teams meeting via tablet while doing the exercises on your computer.