Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What technology is available in my classroom?

A: There are three types of classrooms on campus, and the technology available to you varies by room type. We offer training on the technology in each classroom type, so make sure to get training if you need it.

Q: I am faculty/staff. How do I schedule training and get a media key?

A: Check the training calendar for our regularly scheduled offerings. If you don't find a time that fits your schedule, simply fill out a ticket request, and someone will contact you. After successfully completing the training, you will be able pick up a media key from the Lock Shop.

Q: I have a key from before. Will it still work?

A: It might! There are two media key types: one that works in the "Gray Box" rooms (EK333), and one that works in the Master Classroom podiums (C390A). All other classroom technology is unlocked. Some classrooms have a locked drawer where extra equipment is housed, and if you see that, your C390A key should work for it. 

Q: What if I have to switch classrooms?

A: Even if you are changing to a classroom where your key works, it's a good idea to get training on the new classroom. 

Q: I need something that’s not available in my classroom. How do I get it?

A: Call 978-3588 and we’ll help you get what you need.

Q: I need something in my outdoor classroom. How do I get it?

A: Although CMS doesn't currently support the outdoor classrooms, we do support you! The outdoor classroom project keeps expanding, so you should check the reservation form for current technical capabilities. If you need something more, please contact us by putting in a ticket and we will work with you to determine what options are available.

Q: What can you tell me about cameras in the classrooms?

A: Thanks to federal COVID-19 funding, many master classrooms have been upgraded with cameras and other functionality to make it possible to broadcast lectures from those classrooms to overflow rooms or participants at home. The feed from those cameras can be viewed and in limited ways controlled remotely by Campus Media Services staff. This use is limited to service to the classroom technology. The network feed doesn’t include the audio from the room, and it is not used to monitor anything in the room except the performance of the equipment, and to help staff back in the Campus Media Services office to do some support and troubleshooting remotely. Read more about classroom cameras.

Q: What are Lightboard Studios and how can I access them?

A: Thanks to the CARES Act and money that was distributed as SPARK funds, Wichita State now has serveral Lightboard Studios for faculty to use to quickly and easily record lecture videos while getting to write on a "board." There are 7 Lightboard Studio rooms on campus: Ablah Library 224, Ahlberg Hall 106G, Hubbard Hall 222, Lindquist Hall 309, McKnight Art Center 312, and Wallace Hall 110. Users are required to attend a short training and obtain a key to the room before making a reservation. For more information about obtaining a key, getting training, and making room reservations, please read more about the Lightboard Studios at WSU.


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