Annual Report 2018-2019

The Media Resources Center provides centralized support and innovative leadership for effective and creative use of instructional technologies and information servcies throughout Wichita State University.

The MRC is made up of five teams:

Academic Accessibility and Accommodations
Campus Media Services
Instructional Design and Access
Video Serivces & WSU TV
Web Services

Academic Accessibility and Accommodations (AAA)

Manager: Jay Castor

The Academic Accessibility and Accommodation team is the newest team added to the MRC. The team was pulled together to respond to the increased need for accommodations for students with disabilities. The team's primary work is the production of Braille and Tactile Graphics. 

AAA Highlights


Campus Media Services

Manager: Ryan Corcoran

The Campus Media Services team is the source for Audio/Visual services on campus, primarily for instruction, but also providing additional services for live events.

CMS Highlights


Instructional Design and Access

Manager: Dr. Carolyn Speer

IDA is

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IDA provides training to groups and individuals on an as-needed basis.  In total, the following  specifics represents approximately 1,300+ hours of direct training. Our highlights include:

  • The (first annual) Academic Resources Conference in August
    • Over 250 attendees. About 150 were full-time faculty and 100 were Graduate Teaching Assistants.
    • Offered 20 training topics over one full-day of training
    • Secured funding/support from the MRC, Graduate School, and the President’s Office
  • Our first full year of on-demand labs in the C-space at the library was a success!
    • 100 unique faculty visitors as well as 20-30 students who came to ask questions and were helped.
    • 200 hours of lab time offered
  • IDA partnered with the Graduate School this year:
    • Provided professional development training for graduate students as well as for GTA’s specifically.
      • ARC conference (see above)
      • Conceived, designed, and built a full training area in Blackboard with 19 training areas each containing 5-10 different training objects covering university policy, general interest, and pedagogy topics.
        • The site was available to all graduate students (over 3,000) and used by over 2,000 unique users this academic year.
      • Supported the Professional Development Series by:
        • Providing trainers for 4 of the 7 in-person pedagogy training topics
        • Providing content for 4 of the 4 online pedagogy training topics
        • Designing and “grading” (reading/commenting/correcting) all assessments for the Post-Secondary Teaching Non-Credit Badge associated with this program.
        • Participating in the development of next year’s topics and planning to provide trainers for it as well.
      • Ran 45 “Glennterviews” reaching 410 full-time faculty.
      • Trained 147 faculty in the WSU media box.
      • Provided approximately 900 hours of one-on-one or small group training outside of the above contexts.

Other faculty support

In addition to training, IDA offers support to faculty in many ways including resolving their Blackboard and Panopto technical issues, reviewing their courses for Quality Matters compliance, and occasionally providing direct assistance with course builds. For example, we have:

  • Resolved 1,681 Tier 3 OneStop support tickets.
  • Spent over 200 hours working on online course and badge builds.
  • Took over the Quality Matters program for the Office of Online and Adult Learning and run all QM reviews at WSU.
  • Took over running all training for the Online Faculty Fellows program at the request of the Office of Online and Adult Learning.
  • Run APPQMR training on-campus for the QM program

Accessibility support

IDA offers accessibility support in a variety of ways including training and mentorship. This year, IDA:

  • Created the mandatory faculty training for accessibility and deliver it both online and in person.
  • Developed and launched the Voluntary Accessibility Certification Program, which three faculty members are currently going through.
  • Created a similar training for staff and deliver it both online and in person.
  • Designed, printed, and installed text size indicators in 258 classrooms.
  • Answered calls and emails from staff, faculty, and others regarding accessibility issues and resolved them or routed them to the correct office.
  • Ran the ongoing EIT audit.
  • Revamped the Friendly Audit program to fully address the accessibility oversight needs of the university. The Friendly Audit for 2018-19 is now underway with over 200 course audits accounted for.

Service to the University

All IDA staff are committed to the university and many of the staff show that support through on-campus volunteering and other service including:

  • Accessibility Committee x 2
  • GRASP Judge
  • Commencement volunteer
  • LGBTQ Taskforce
  • Distinguished Scholarship Invitational Judge
  • Talking Books for the Blind WSU campus representative
  • Hippodrome Judge
  • Speaker for Human Factors Friday Tea Time

Staff professional development

Staff development is a core value in Instructional Design and Access and time is given during the workday to pursue professional development such as:

  • One Leadership Book Club member
  • Three Microsoft Power Users
  • One CMD PMP certificate holder
  • One person with 14 hours of continuing education in Disability Law for DSS Directors
  • One CSUN Assistive Technology Certificate holder
  • One Certified Professional in Accessibility Core Competencies
  • WSU courses taken in sign language, communication sciences and disorders, art, and music.

Presentations, national recognition, and consulting

IDA staff are also very active in the instructional design, educational technology, and accessibility communities and have had the following successes:

  • Conference presentations and other presentations
    • iTrac (several presenters)
    • Accessibility Summer Camp at WSU Tech
    • OLC Innovate
    • OLC Accelerate
    • Bb World (several)
    • KBUG (Kansas Blackboard Users Group)
    • University of Kansas Summer Strategies Conference
    • Accessing Higher Ground (accepted but couldn’t go due to funds)
    • Tilford Colloquium
    • Keynote speaker for Cowley County Community College’s Summer Symposium
    • Keynote speaker for combined faculty training conference for Allen CC, Ft. Scott CC, and Neosho CC.
    • Keynote speaker for KAN-AHEAD
    • Midwestern Association of Graduate Schools Annual Meeting
  • Other national or regional recognition
    • Webinar for 3 play media
    • Monthly Accessibility Webinar for all Blackboard schools in the state of Kansas
    • Guest on Helix Education’s Enrollment Growth podcast
    • Featured in Inside Higher Ed article
  • Accessibility Consulting
    • Kansas State University
    • Cowley County Community College
    • Butler University
    • Hutchinson Community College
    • Colby Community College
    • Johnson County Community College


Sometimes it’s hard to categorize work.  In addition to all the above accomplishments, IDA staff have successfully:

  • Conceived, designed, and Launched the Kansas Accessibility Resources Network
    • Nine separate non-credit badge accessibility training courses
    • Now partnering with Kansas State University and Johnson County Community College
  • Conceived and created four non-credit badge training courses in WSU Bridges.
  • Taught online classes in Criminal Justice, College of Applied Studies, English, Women’s Studies, Communication Sciences and Disorders, and Political Science.



Video Serivces & WSU TV

Manager: Greg Matthias

Video Services provides...

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Web Services

Manager: Mike Marlett

The MRC's Web Services team ...

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