Purchase or manage student or faculty/staff permits


Faculty and staff wishing to park on campus must have an active virtual permit called ePermits. ePermits are required for faculty and staff regardless of parking duration.

Faculty and staff may register up to five vehicles on a single ePermit (only one of the vehicles may be on campus at a time). To purchase a day ePermit or register a vehicle, click the button to the right to log in with your WSU ID and password. You will be asked to provide license plate information and the type, make and color and for each vehicle you wish to register on the ePermit. You may also register or administer your existing account through the ePermits link in myWSU.

Faculty and staff rates are determined by salary and you must be signed up for payroll deduction. If you don't have a parking payroll deduction form already on file, you must submit a payroll deduction form electronically or fill out a paper form at the Police department.

(Consult the ePermit chart for other parking options)

Family of faculty and staff are considered visitors as long as their vehicles are not registered on an ePermit. If you have registered the vehicle of a family member on your ePermit and they want to visit campus at the same time your primary vehicle is on campus, you should remove the family member's vehicle from the ePermit prior to their arrival. Log in to myWSU and click the ePermit link near the top of the page to make changes to your account.

NOTE: To accommodate the license plate scanning system, your license plate must be visible and unobscured. If your license plate is on the rear of the vehicle, backing into a parking stall or pulling through is not allowed (this rule does not apply to vehicles with a disabled parking plate or placard).

Information for visitor parking