Shocker Parking FAQ

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Who can park in the parking garage?

Ground level and first ramp: Reserved
Levels 2, 3, 4 and second and third ramps will be for hourly parking at $1.50 per hour, debit/credit card only
Level 4: Faculty / staff parking, yellow e-permit required

The parking garage is enforced 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Do I need an ePermit?

Am I required to purchase an ePermit to attend WSU?

No. You are only required to purchase an ePermit if you wish to park on campus during the enforcement hours. The WSU Shuttle System allows students and staff a free park-and-ride option from satellite parking at the Metropolitan Complex at 29th and Oliver.

Can I buy more than one permit if I want to have more than one vehicle on campus at a time?

No. Due to system limitations, only one ePermit can be purchased per person.

Can I purchase an ePermit to park in a green lot if I live in student housing?

Yes. Residents of Shocker Hall, The Flats and The Suites at WSU must purchase a regular student ePermit allowing them to park in any green or yellow-and-green-striped lots.

I am planning to visit campus. Do I need to purchase an ePermit?

Maybe. WSU is an ePermit-only parking environment from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. on weekdays when school is in session (With the exception of the RSC parking garage, which is enforced 24/7). WSU uses License Plate Recognition technology to enforce parking.

Visitors to campus during the enforcement period may park without an ePermit for 3 days each semester (July-December and January-June). On your fourth visit to campus during the semester, you'll need to purchase an ePermit at the link below. Visitors may purchase either single-day ePermits for $5 or frequent visitor ePermits. Visitors may park in the RSC parking garage for $1.50 per hour.

Visitors may also choose to use the free park-and-ride lot at the Metropolitan Complex at 29th and Oliver and take a free shuttle to the main campus.

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I own a motorcycle and a car. Do I have to buy two different ePermits?

No. Under the new system, motorcycles are considered the same as cars, trucks and SUVs and are covered by the same ePermit.

How to purchase ePermits/register your vehicle(s)

Where to Park

What parking lots are for students?

Parking areas are identifiable by the colored signage at the entrance to a lot or by signage for individual spaces within a lot. The areas are:

  • Green signage: WSU students may park in any lot with Green Student Parking signage with a capital "S". They may not park in lots without green Student Parking signage or in individual spaces within those lots marked as reserverd.
  • Purple parking zones (Motorcycle parking): Students, faculty or staff who drive motorcycles may register and purchase an ePermit to allow parking in the designated cycle zones in lots across campus. Motorcycles are considered equivalent to cars, trucks and SUVs and do not require a separate ePermit.

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Who can purchase an ePermit for a red lot?

Anyone! Reserved parking spaces may now be purchased by any WSU student, visitor, faculty or staff member. See the ePermit pricing chart for more information. Please email to discuss possible stall locations.

I am a frequent visitor to the campus but am not a student or faculty/staff member. What is my best option for parking?

Frequent visitors -- including, but not limited to, alumni, Heskett Center members, Aqua Shocks, Library Patrons, unpaid volunteers and other qualifying members -- may purchase a Frequent Visitor ePermit.

Money Matters

How do I request a refund?

Refunds will vary depending on circumstances. An email will need to be sent to Please include your name, WSU ID and justification for the request. Once the request has been reviewed by a committee, you will be contacted via your WSU email account.

When will the Fall 2021 refunds take place?

Refunds will be issued around Thanksgiving.

How will students receive their refund?

The refund will be applied to their student account.

Will I be charged double when I want to renew my ePermit?

No. If the ePermit beginning and ending dates overlap, you will not be charged double.

Will I be able to include parking fees as part of a payment plan?

No. Parking fees are not part of the traditional student fees and tuition and are maintained outside of the student accounting system.

Can I purchase an ePermit for the fall semester only?

Yes. Single semester parking ePermits are available. Please see the ePermit pricing chart for prices.


General Parking Information

Do I need an ePermit if I have an ADA license plate or placard?

Yes. If you have a state disabled parking placard or plate, you are now required to register a vehicle(s) and purchase an ePermit. You will be asked to upload your Disabled Identification Card at the time of purchasing the ePermit to eliminate your risk of receiving an eCitation. You may park in the marked accessible parking stalls across campus. If those stalls are full, you can park in an available stall not posted as restricted or reserved.

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When do the ePermits take effect for students?

Parking ePermits should be purchased online before the first day of classes. To purchase, log in to myWSU and click the ePermit icon near the top of the page. You will be asked to provide license plate information and the type, make and color of each vehicle you wish to register.

Students can pay for the ePermit via credit or debit card or ACH on the registration site or, after registering your vehicle(s), they may go to the Police Department to pay by cash or check. (NOTE: ePermits will not become active until payment is received.)

What are the hours of enforcement?

For the fall and spring semesters, parking ePermits will be enforced on weekdays when classes are in session from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. Red lots, along with marked restricted or reserved stalls are reserved 24/7.

ePermits will be required in a few designated surface lots while campus is open, including times when classes are not in session. Signage at the parking lot entrance will indicate if ePermits are required at all times.

Can WSU faculty and staff still reserve lots for special events?

Yes. The lot reservation system is unchanged. Parking lots must be reserved a minimum of seven business days before the event. Go to to request a lot reservation.

Does purchasing an ePermit guarantee me a parking space?

In a first-come, first-served environment, there is no way to guarantee a parking space in a given lot without going to a much more expensive reserved-space format. Parking studies have concluded that there will be student spaces available on campus at all times — even during peak traffic times. But, depending on the time you arrive on campus, those spaces may not be in the lot you prefer.

The parking ePermit is completely optional. You’ll need to select the best strategy for you based on the parking situation at the time you need to be on campus.

Can I purchase an ePermit for the fall semester only?
Yes. Single semester parking ePermits are available. Please see the ePermit pricing chart for prices.  
I own multiple vehicles. Can I use one parking ePermit for all of them?
Yes. You may add multiple vehicles to an ePermit, provided that only one of the vehicles is on campus at a time. Motorcycles use the same ePermit as a vehicle and may be listed under that ePermit.  
Do I need an ePermit to park at WSU satellite locations?
No. Parking ePermits are not required at WSU South, WSU West, WSU Old Town, WSU Haysville or the Metropolitan Complex.
Is the information I provide to the portal secure?

The security of your personal information is extremely important to us. We never sell, rent, give or trade your personal information to any third parties under any circumstances. We're committed to protecting the security and privacy of any personal information you provide to us.  

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When can I purchase a student ePermit?

Fall semester and Fall/Spring semester ePermits go on sale at the beginning of July.

Spring semester ePermits go on sale at the beginning of November.

Can I be escorted to my vehicle when it is dark outside?
Please visit the Safety/Escort page for more information.  
Can I pull through a parking stall or park backwards?

No. To accommodate the license plate scanning system, your license plate must be visible and unobscured. If your license plate is on the rear of the vehicle, backing into a parking stall or pulling through is not allowed (this rule does not apply to vehicles with a disabled parking plate or placard).

do not park backwards