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To inspire past, current and future generations by addressing topics relevant to women in public service, while instilling knowledge through education, networking and professional development that strengthens the leadership in our local government and communities.

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Women in Public Service: Leaning In

Leaning In: Virtual Conference 

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Thursday, August 13 | Virtual Sessions | Zoom link sent out prior to conference.

10 a.m. OPENING REMARKS/WELCOME | Misty Bruckner, Director, Public Policy and Management Center

10:05 a.m. KEYNOTE SESSION |The Honorable Gwynne Birzer, Magistrate Judge, US District Court of Kansas 

10:50 a.m. BREAK

11 a.m. General Session | The Honorable Delia Garcia, former Secretary for the Kansas Department of Labor 

Thursday, August 20 | Virtual Sessions | Zoom link sent out prior to conference.

2:00 p.m. GENERAL SESSION | WHAT DO I DO NOW? HOW TO WORK THROUGH COMPETENCY CHALLENGES – Vera Bothner, Managing Partner, Bothner and Bradley

“Is it me or is it her?” “Does he know what he’s doing?” “If she doesn’t do her job, this project is going to fail and then what?” We’ve all asked – or heard our friends ask– these questions about colleagues, supervisors or team partners. How do we handle the frustration of trying to collaborate with people who we believe aren’t getting it done?  In this session we will look at various ways incompetence at work can present itself and what we can do when struggling to move through it.  We’ll explore how real and perceived competence and incompetence can manifest, examine the personal lenses and biases we use when assessing incompetence and discuss options for navigating a constructive pathway forward. 

2:30 p.m. BREAK

Learning to work effectively across differences may be the most important challenge facing our country today. In this session we discuss the day-to-day conversations that affect our lives, examine common important conversations that are happening or not happening, gain an understanding of how our bodies work to help or hinder us in these conversations, recognize the importance and role of safety in sharing and hearing messages, increase self-awareness of default behaviors and actions we use in tough conversations and take courageous steps forward in practicing these tips and tools.


Friday, August 21 | Virtual Sessions | Zoom link sent out prior to conference.

10 a.m. GENERAL SESSION | GRIT, GROWTH, GRACE Charlene Stevens, Senior Vice President, GovHRusa
What is grit and how does it effect leadership as a women? This session will help you look at leadership challenges, imposter syndrome, growing your mindset and defining how to do it grace.



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