The PPMC helped the Workforce Development Board evaluate performance, needs, and opportunities.

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Greater Lincoln Workforce Development Board – American Job Center of Lancaster and Saunders Counties

Workforce development program that helps job seekers and employers

Lancaster & Saunders Counties, Nebraska


ajc buildingOverview

The Workforce Development Board asked the PPMC to evaluate the AJC’s performance, needs, and opportunities. From 2019-2021, the PPMC innovatively evaluated:

Client Feedback

The results were “truly a benchmark for excellence we’ve never had before. [The AJC has] implemented a majority of the recommendations provided.”

- Workforce Administrator Dylan Wren


The Challenge

Reveal threats and opportunities by combining quantitative assessment, qualitative feedback, and unique perspectives.

The Solution

The PPMC combined research and evaluation methods to provide a solution-based analysis of AJC’s services.

star icon The PPMC built a comprehensive 360 degree evaluation of the AJC’s services to provide specific recommendations. Insight came from research on the market, industry, and peers. Feedback was gathered from employees, clients, and partners from the public, private, and nonprofit sectors.
star icon The PPMC used focus groups, surveys, interviews, and literature reviews to capture a wide range of information from technical and internal to strategic and public. When professional development was needed, the PPMC provided training and skill development.
star icon Research went beyond general feedback to include facility design, environmental elements, and physical space. Features of the physical space and design elements were rooted in the research conducted by the PPMC.
star icon The PPMC used “secret shoppers” to get first-hand accounts - how customer service looked and felt through the eyes of people being served. Shoppers were given common scenarios that represented clients and sent to use the AJC’s services to gather info on what did/didn't work. 
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Secret Shoppers

Secret Shoppers are an innovative method of gathering feedback straight from the source. A diverse set of shoppers represent different personas and scenarios.

Each shopper walks through utilizing the resources or services of an organization - in this case, the AJC. Shoppers provided feedback about ease of access to resources, customer service, facility accomodations such as ADA compliance, and more. 

The PPMC distilled the AJC’s next steps into eight clear directives: 

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Enhance customer service focus and training

awarness icon

Increase awareness of available services

process icon

Develop consistent intake and follow up processes

innovative service icon

Look for opportunities to provide innovative services

partnerships icon

Enhance partnerships with partner agencies and local businesses

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Address location limitations

contract icon

Implement a contract management process

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Find creative ways to address NEworks usability concerns

Actionable insight led to gains for the AJC:

Equipped with data and analysis from the PPMC, the AJC was able to relocate in-person services to a new $2.4 million facility dedicated to helping the people of Lancaster and Sunders counties receive assistance to navigate the job market.

“The original report,” cited Workforce Administrator Dylan Wren, “had a direct impact on the decisions made in the selected our new AJC location.”

The limitations created by the past space, cited by the PPMC in its assessment, were addressed in the new facility. Additional features include a mother’s room, quiet work areas, and clear service areas - all aimed at creating a more efficient system of service.

What's Next?

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