The online course schedule utilizes various codes to provide course information. The below provides information to assist you.

Online Schedule

  • CRN: This stands for “Course Reference Number.” You will need this number to register for a class - it is unique for each section and is not in any particular order within a subject area.
  • Days of the week: M=Monday, T=Tuesday, W=Wednesday, R=Thursday, F=Friday, S=Saturday, U=Sunday.
  • Buildings: Click here for building abbreviations.
  • Begin/End dates are listed for all classes . To find the ACTUAL meeting dates within the dates shown, check the note in the online schedule.
  • Notes are comments from the department that may include specific dates the class meets, location of the final exam or other important information. To find the notes, click the course title and the notes are located in the Course Descriptions tab.
  • Waitlisting: Click here for waitlisting information. The online course search will show the waitlist max and available spaces on the waitlist. If a waitlist max is 0, that course is not using automatic waitlisting.


  • M:  WSU Main
  • S:  WSU South - Harry St
  • H:  WSU Haysville - Stewart Ave
  • W:  WSU West - 37th & Maize
  • OT:  WSU Old Town
  • AT:  National Center for Aviation Training
  • O:  Online courses
  • xxx (other numbers):  Various locations off-campus

Instructional Method     Effective Spring 2024

  • TCI:  100% In-Person Instruction
  • OLA:  Online asynchronous instruction via internet only (formerly IIE)
  • OLS:  Online synchronous instruction via internet at required days/times (formerly IIS)
  • OHY:  Online course requiring students to come to a WSU location in person for exam(s) only; instruction is synchronous if a meeting time is given. (formerly HYO)
  • HYB1:  Hybrid instruction combining various methods including in-person and online; more than 25% in-person instruction. See schedule notes for details.  
  • HYB2:  Hybrid instruction combining various methods including in-person and online; 25% or less in-person instruction. See schedule notes for details.
  • CPI:  Academic activity courses such as co-op/internships, practicum, independent study, etc.

Course Attributes

Meaning of Course Numbers

  • 000-099: Noncredit Courses Anyone may enroll. No credit toward degree.
  • 100-299: Primarily For Freshman And Sophomores No graduate credit given.
  • 300-499: Primarily For Juniors And Seniors No graduate credit given.
  • 500-699: Primarily For Juniors And Seniors Graduate students may enroll for graduate credit.
  • 700-799: Primarily For Graduate Students. Level 1 (Master's Level) Upper division undergraduates may be admitted if they meet course prerequisites.
  • 800-999: Primarily For Graduate Students Undergraduates excluded.

Grade Mode

  • S or M: Standard Letter Grades
  • B or D: Credit/No Credit
  • U or V: Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory
  • G: Badge/No Badge
  • N: No grade