I've lost my Shocker Card! What do I do?

If you lose your card, check with the Shocker Card Center (RSC room 105) to see if it has been turned in. We will notify you via WSU email if you card is returned to us.

Here are some other things you should do to protect yourself from fraudulent activity.

  • If you have Shocker Dollars or a meal plan, you should notify WSU Dining (316) 978-3477. They can temporarily deactivate your card number to prevent fraudulent use.
  • If you live in on-campus housing, report your lost card to Housing and Residence Life (316) 978-3693.

If you need to replace your Shocker Card there is a replacement fee. Replacement cards can only be issued at the Shocker Card Center (RSC room 105).

If you find a lost Shocker Card please return it to the Shocker Card Center. Return instructions are printed on the back of the card.