Frequently Asked Questions

Lost Cards:

Q: I am a faculty/staff member and I've lost my card. Does the replacement fee apply to me?
A: Yes. The replacement fee applies to everyone.

Q: I lost my card, but my name has changed anyway. So a new card is free, right?
A: Wrong. If your name has changed AND you have your current card on hand, replacement is free. If you've LOST your card, then the replacement charge still applies.

Q: I lost my card, got a replacement, but then found my old card. Can I get a refund or have my old card reactivated?
A: No, once you get a replacement card, all previous cards are permanently deactivated. We can not go back and reactivate old cards or give refunds. However, if you bring in the old card you found, we will issue a new card at no charge.

Q: I don't have my Shocker Card anymore because I left WSU, but now I'm coming back. I don't have to pay the replacement fee for a new card, do I?
A: You must pay the replacement fee to get a new card card if you have previously been issued one within the last five (5) years.

Q: Can I order a replacement card by phone?
A: No. Your protection and privacy are important. We cannot give out your personal information over the phone.

Q: My card has been found and turned in to the Shocker Card Center. Can I send my friend or family member to pick it up for me?
A: No. Your protection and privacy are important. We will not release your card to anyone but you.

Q: What about my Shocker Dollars/meal plan?
A: If you lose your card, notify WSU Dining Services (316-978-3477) to prevent fraudulent use. When you obtain a replacement card, take your new card to the WSU Dining Services office (RSC room 235). They will update your Shocker Dollars account with your new card information.


Q: My child attends WSU, but we live out of the area. Can I deposit money on his/her card from home?
A: For Shocker Dollars (dining, meal plans, etc.) please contact WSU Dining Services at 316-978-3477.

Q: I am trying to get a Shocker Card for the first time, but I do not have any photo ID. Can I still get one?
A: Regardless of age, you MUST present a current, valid photo ID. No exceptions. One of the following would be sufficient:

  • Current US drivers license
  • Current US state photo ID card
  • Current US passport or international passport with valid US visa
  • Current US military ID card
  • Photo ID from U.S. Immigration Services
  • High School photo ID from most recent school year

(International Students: The only international ID we accept is a current passport with a valid US visa. No international driver's licenses, school ID's, etc.)