Color is a critical institutional identifier. Following these guidelines will ensure that WSU’s colors are used consistently. Our colors are Shocker yellow and black.

Primary palette

Shocker Yellow Black

PMS 116 (for coated paper)
PMS 109 (for uncoated paper)
c0 m16 y100 k0
r255 g194 b23

PMS black
c0 m0 y0 k100
r35 g31 b32                                

Secondary palette

Colors from the secondary palettes are used as accent colors to enhance Shocker yellow and black.

Wheat Huxley Morrison  Altitude  Braeburn
PMS 7409
c4 m35 y100 k0
r243 g173 b28
PMS cool gray 3
c22 m19 y20 k0
r200 g195 b193
PMS 173
c16 m75 y79 k4
r207 g94 b68
PMS 7458
c56 m23 y17 k0
r114 g166 b191
PMS 7498
c50 m26 y90 k5
r136 g152 b72
Fairmount  Brick Tulip  Squirrel  Innovation
PMS 1385
c17 m54 y89 k2
r207 g131 b28
PMS 1807
c31 m84 y67 k25
r144 g59 b65
PMS 681
c35 m64 y30 k2
r169 g111 b136
PMS 146
c36 m57 y86 k17
r148 g112 b59
PMS 2727
c59 m47 y0 k0
r114 g130 b192

The colors shown in this guide are for color reference only. Match to PANTONE® color standards for accuracy. PANTONE® is the property of Pantone Inc.



Typography, along with layout, photography and written content, is an important component in successfully communicating our brand. WSU’s primary font is Klavika. Our other main fonts include Garamond, or alternatively, Georgia. Roboto and Titillium are WSU's brand web fonts.

Klavika Font Family is under license by WSU. For a copy of the fonts, contact Strategic Communications.

Primary Font

Klavika font specimen

Web Fonts

Roboto font specimen

Titillium font specimen

Secondary Font

Garamond font specimen


 For more information about colors or fonts, consult the WSU's Visual Identity Standards Guide.