When used consistently, the WSU logo unifies our various colleges, departments and organizations. Harking back to our earliest days when students shocked wheat as a means of financial support, the wheat symbol continues to represent the hard work and commitment to quality that WSU is known for as Kansas’ only metropolitan research university.

WSU's logo and signatures are trademark protected. By using any of the logos, you are agreeing to follow WSU's Visual Identity Standards and the university's policy governing rules of use. The WSU horizontal signature is the preferred form.

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How to use our logo


Horizontal Lock-up
The preferred use whenever possible for the WSU signature is the horizontal lock-up. The individual parts of the signature should not be separated, and the typography should not be reset, as it was customized for this logotype. Never try to approximate or re-create these designs.

horizontal logo configuration

Vertical Lock-up
Use the preferred, horizontal signature lock-up whenever possible. When space is limited or if other layout variants create challenges for the horizontal lock-up, the vertical lock-up of the signature may be used. The individual parts of the signature should not be separated, and the typography should not be reset, as it was customized for this signature. Never try to approximate or re-create these designs.

vertical logo configuration

WSU Logo used by itself
On certain specialty items (pens, ball caps, water bottles, etc.) the WSU logo may be reproduced without the entire signature lock-up and may be printed with the logo only. This applies only to specialty items whose size or space situations create an advantage for using the logo only.

logo used alone

Clear Space and minimum size

Clear Space
Clear space must be provided between the logo and other graphic elements. The clear space requirements delineated here must be observed except in rare, pre-approved exceptions. These are the minimum requirements.

The clear space should be equal to one half of the logo height.

logo horizontal clear space

logo vertical clear space

logo alone clear space

Minimum Signature Sizes
The minimum size of the WSU signature should not be less than 7/16 inch in height for print usage and 156 x 156 pixels for web usage. This measurement is taken from the top edge of the wheat to the bottom edge of the word “university” in the logotype.

Print logo minimum size

print minimum size logo

Web logo minimum size

web minimum size logo

Color Standards

Color consistency is a very important aspect of maintaining a strong identity for WSU. Color consistency with the signature will help to build recognition of the WSU signature as well as convey a sense of organization, unity and professionalism.

The colors for the WSU logo are Shocker Yellow and Black. Shocker Yellow is Pantone spot color PMS 116 C. For process four-color printing, use the recommended CMYK values. For web and digital platforms, use the recommended HEX value.

* Do not use PMS 116 U when printing on an uncoated stock, every effort should be made by vendors to match the PMS 116 C swatch. For process four-color printing, use the recommended CMYK values.

Two-Color WSU logo
The preferred signature version is two colors. This gives another opportunity for use of the school colors and allows reinforcement of the logo in its most pure form.

two color logo

One-Color WSU logo
When the WSU logo must be used in one color, the preferred color is black. The logo outline that is normally yellow is deleted. A slight adjustment in spacing is also made to accommodate this, so approved art should be used. Creating this art from the two-color version is prohibited, as subjectivity in placement allows for inconsistency.

black and white logo

Photographic Backgrounds with logo Placement
For advertising and collateral material photography can be a compelling background for the WSU logo. Make sure the placement of the logo is in a light or dark zone of the photo to create optimal contrast.

photo background logo

Avoid placing the logo against photography that will clash or cause the signature to vibrate visually.

Use of WSU logo on Colored Backgrounds
The following standards use of the WSU signature when applied to various colored backgrounds. These applications may commonly occur on collateral material or merchandise.

colored background logos

Incorrect Usage

It is highly important for maintaining a successful brand that the WSU logo and its signatures be handled correctly when displayed in any form. The examples on this page and the following illustrate unacceptable uses.

  • Do not tilt the logo, logotype or signatures.
  • Do not vertically rotate the logo, logotype or signatures.
  • Do not combine any other WSU logo entities with the wsu logo, logotype.
  • Do not distort or stretch any part of the logo, logotype or signatures.
  • Do not apply an outline or enclose the logo, logotype or signatures.
  • Do not apply special effects to or build patterns from the logo, logotype or signatures.incorrect logo usage
Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Naming Units

An orderly system of hierarchy has been developed to accommodate the handling of department names in conjunction with the WSU signature. The examples on this and the following page illustrate proper arrangement within this hierarchical system as it applies to the order of organizational structure for entities within the university.

Primary Signature
The words “Wichita State University” always occupy the primary placement in the signature. There are no exceptions to this rule. This is a customized piece of art and should not be reset or rebuilt but rather sourced from provided art files.

primary signature logo

Secondary Signature
In this example, “College of Engineering” occupies the secondary naming unit placement. This is reserved for the WSU college names/entities in situations such as correspondence, etc.

secondary signature logo

Tertiary Naming Unit
In this example, the name of the department occupies the third tier of hierarchy, referred to as the tertiary level

tertiary logo

For more information or questions about usage, please contact Strategic Communications at 316-978-3045. 

WSU Athletics Trademarks

WuShock and the Flying W are registered Trademarks of WSU Athletics.

athletics logos

WSU Athletics Trademark Licensing: Contact WSU Athletics at 316.978.3197