Wichita State's brand identity is built on consistency — consistent quality in our teaching and research, consistent relationships with the community we serve and consistent use of words and images. These visual identity standards are intended to help us all achieve consistency in our communication.

The standards provide us with a single institutional logo that unifies our various colleges, departments and organizations. Like its predecessors, the institutional logo incorporates wheat as a symbol representing our place and our history. Harking back to our earliest days when students shocked wheat as a means of financial support, the use of wheat within the logo continues to represent the hard work and commitment to quality that Wichita State is known for as Kansas’ only urban-based research university.

Many people helped make these standards a reality. From faculty and staff to students and alumni to community members — all shared a common goal of strengthening Wichita State's brand to give it a more recognizable presence. Now your assistance is essential to make this goal a reality. Carefully review these standards and see that they are properly implemented and followed.

Thank you for your ongoing efforts in making Wichita State University a powerful brand,
built on a shared commitment to consistency in everything we do.

Visual Identity Standards Policy

The WSU Visual Identity Standards Manual details specific instructions and guidelines for the consistent use and implementation of the visual elements of the Wichita State Visual Identity Standards, as they relate to all forms of university communication. Adhering to these standards creates and enforces the awareness and image of Wichita State University. Well-maintained visual brands are vital in creating the right impressions. By complying with these standards, Wichita State will be able to visually present a common front.

The rules and guidelines have been developed with extensive advice and consultation from numerous departments, administration, staff, designers, students, faculty and alumni.

In an effort to develop a strong, highly recognizable and effective visual identity, and to do so through consistent application of visual standards over time, the only approved marks, logos, logotypes, seals and symbols are the ones described in this manual. No other versions of the approved visual standards elements may be used instead of or as replacements for these official Wichita State Visual Identity Standards elements.

Separate identifying marks, symbols and logos for Wichita State entities (colleges, departments, divisions, centers, etc.) are not permitted under this visual identity program. New logos, marks and symbols may not be introduced. The only exception to this policy is for sanctioned student organizations, which may choose a separate identity or an official Wichita State naming unit. 


For assistance with use of the logo or WSU Visual Identity Standards, please contact Strategic Communications at 316-978-3045.