Social media plays a key role in the growth of Wichita State University’s brand and our ability to remain connected with and relevant to key audiences. Those not only include media, alumni and current students, but prospective students and their families in their critical search for colleges and universities.

Social media offers the opportunity to tell Wichita State’s story in new and engaging ways, to build relationships and engage in conversations, and to market ourselves in a near real-time fashion. Care should be taken to maintain a strategic approach with defined goals and processes, while protecting the integrity of the brand image and reputation we have worked so carefully to build.

While the university also encourages and supports the use of social media by individual schools and departments, we must follow a framework that provides for longer-term vision, growth and success, and that facilitates a cohesive and sensible social media presence to our audience.

All social media accounts representing Wichita State University need to:

  • have a clear purpose
  • be clearly identifiable as being part of our organization
  • be easy to find through both official and unofficial channels

Remember: These accounts are each frontline brand representation and individual interactions can impact the reputation of the entire organization.

This playbook outlines goals, strategy and tactics for how to engage and grow on the social web. It is intended to serve as a fluid document that will evolve over time, reflecting WSU’s growth and changes in the social web itself.

For more information, contact:

Lainie Mazzullo, director of news and media relations