Swim Lessons

Want to face your fear of water, learn basic strokes or get ready for swim meet? Try adult and children classes in group, private, and semi-private settings.

  • Adult: Open to all ages, these lessons are based on an individual's skill level and ultimate swimming goals.

  • Children: From overcoming fear to stroke refinement, our six-level curriculum is perfect for children of all stages of comfort and ability. 

For more information including pricing please email nitroslessons@gmail.com 

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Competitive swimmers, parents, and swim lesson families may purchase parking passes by clicking the link below.  This allows parking on campus between the hours 4-5 P.M. weekdays ONLY.  If you arrive after 5 P.M. or on weekends you will not need a parking pass.  Passes can be purchased for $11 per semester, fall and spring semesters ONLY.  This allows you to park in the yellow parking spaces to the east of the Heskett Center. 

DO NOT park in Red spaces at any time.  During the summer, there is free parking in the green student lot to the west of the baseball field, north of the Heskett Center.   Parking passes are NOT valid during the summer! 

Pay for a Parking Pass Here   Please contact beth.albers@wichita.edu with any questions or concerns regarding parking.