What to Buy

Bachelor's Students

Bachelors gown, mortarboard cap, major tassel (by color)

Master's Students

Masters gown, mortarboard cap, master hood (by color), major tassel (by color)

Specialist Students

Masters gown, mortarboard cap, specialist hood (by color), major tassel (by color)

Doctoral Students

Doctor' gown, mortarboard cap or tam, doctorate hood (by color), Dr. Old Gold major tassel (by color)


Where to Buy

You may place an order online at or in-person at the Shocker Store on Wichita State's main campus in the Rhatigan Student Center.  Regalia may only be purchased at the Shocker Store location on the main campus.  Please check their website or call (316)978-3490 for business hours.  


When to Buy

It is strongly recommended that you order your regalia for commencement by mid-semester, however; you do have the option to order up thru the day before commencement. Please note that stock may be limited the closer it gets to commencement.

There is package pricing is available for regalia.  The Shocker Store will provide the dates and details once regalia is up on their website, which is normally around the time of fall and spring breaks.  Package pricing remains in effect until approximately two weeks before commencement.  If regalia is not on the Shocker Store website it means that their main shipment has not arrived yet, and they only have limited stock on-hand.


Tassels, Hoods, Stoles, & Cords

How do I know which color to order?
Tassel & Hood color is determined by your major. Check the color chart below to know which to order.

Do I need to order a stole? If so, which should I order?

Certain specialty (pre-order only) stoles are available for order; graduates should know if they are eligible for these stoles. If uncertain, please contact your college to inquire. The only stoles carried in-stock, as an open stock item, are for the Honors College.

If I'm graduating with honors do I need to purchase an honors cord?
The Shocker Store sells a gold double-knotted honor cord for Summa Cum Laude, Magna Cum Laude, and Cum Laude distinctions. The honor cord is not a required piece of regalia.

Are there any other specialty items that I should order?
Graduates may purchase a Souvenir Tassel, Stole of Appreciation, and/or First Generation Stole. These items are optional (not required).


How to Wear



Please contact the Shocker Store in Rhatigan Student Center at (316) 978-3490.