2018 Kansas School Nurse Conference Handouts

Please find below the handouts that we have received to date for the Kansas School Nurse Conference.  If a link to handouts is not available with the session we have not received handouts.  Check back often as handouts are being updated. 

Keynote – Inspired Nurse

8 to Great: How to Take Charge of Your Life Through a Process for Positive Change

Laws that Define & Guide School Nursing- CMH 504 Headaches Accommodations Checklist

Mandated Reporter Training 

Partnering with the Community: Contract Nursing & Optimizing on Community Resources Such as Health Departments

Children with ADHD: the Battle within the Mind- NICHQ VAnderbilt Assessment Scale Teacher Informant, NICHQ VAnderbilt Assessment Scale Parent Informant

Aligning and Integrating Mental Health and MTSS to Build Priority for Wellness- Expanding Conversation to School Nurses Discussion Questions

Reducing Pain and Trauma Associated with Childhood and Adolescent Immunizations

It's Not your Mother's School Nursing: Caring for the Medically Fragile Child

Exploring the School Nurse's Role in Promoting Antibiotic Stewardship

Diabetes in School: Pathophysiology, Standards of Care, and Doctor's Orders

The use of Social MEdia and its impact on Children & Adolescent's Mental Health

School Wellness - What's My Role?

Meal Modifications in School Meal Programs

Social Media and Exploitation of Students- 15 Dangerous Apps, Fact Sheet for Parents/Guardians, Healthcare Assessment, Heidi Search Center Digital DNA Kit, Mayim Bialik Why My Kids Don't have Cell Phones, Parents Careing Adults Help Sheet, Talk Today 10 Ways brochure, TSTP Cell Phone Contract, Twenty Internet Filters

The Evolution of Envision's Public Education Program, EYE WONDER

School Children Oral Health Neglect: K-8th Grade Impact of Oral Disease on School Age Children

Optimizing Diabetes Technologies in the School Setting

Growing Anxiety Disorders in Children & Adolescents

Optimizing Student Wellness and Learning Through Year-Round Meals

Pediatric Asthma: A Survival Guide

Evaluation and Management of Acute Pediatric Orthopedic Conditions

Part I of Best Nursing Practices in the School Environment: Procedures Every School Nurse Should Know

Part II of Best Nursing Practices in the School Environment: Procedures Every School Nurse Should Know

Section 504 Requirements, Common Implementation Pitfalls, and Helpful Tips and Guidance to Ensure Compliance

Spanish Vision & Hearing Screening- Spanish Glossary, Spanish H&V Notification, English H&V Notification, Spanish H & V Handout

 Keynote – Health, Schools & Nursing: a 35 Year Perspective

Keynote – Poor, Hungry, and Homeless: National and State Level Perspectives Regarding Poverty and Education

Keynote – Let It Go, Just Let It Go