Probation and Dismissal Process

Effective Fall 2016, the minimum GPA for College of Education majors is 2.0. However, a number of undergraduate programs within the college--including all the teacher education programs--continue to require higher cumulative of 2.5 WSU and/or major GPAs.

Students are encouraged to look at their "academic standing" after each semester by logging into:

  • MyWSU portal

  • My Classes tab

  • Registration Status

Probation Status:

If a student is placed on probation, he/she may enroll in up to 14 credit hours during the semester of "probation status" and must consult with an advisor in the College of Education before enrolling. At the end of the semester, the student must receive the specific program GPA in order to stay in good standing.


After the "Probation Semester," if the student fails to meet College of Education's semester GPA of 2.0, he/she will be dismissed from the university and dropped from any pre-registered classes. A student may petition to be readmitted back into the College of Education or one of the other colleges within the university through the exception process.

For readmission to: