Exceptions to Catalog Regulations

College of Health Professions Petition Information and Guidelines

The petitioning process is a formal procedure in which your written petition is given careful consideration. Two committees see your petition: the CHP College Committee which is comprised of faculty and staff from the College of Health Professions, and the University Committee which is comprised of faculty and staff from several academic disciplines at Wichita State University.

Process for Exceptions requests:

  1. Student completes petition form, signs it, and submits it to the CHP Advising Center. See the Forms section for submission options.
  2. Exceptions petitions are first considered by the student’s college committee, then by a university committee.
  3. Results are available by Monday following the action of the University Committee; you may choose to have the results emailed to you. Due to federal privacy laws, we cannot release results over the telephone. If you choose not to have your results emailed to you, a letter will be mailed to you within a week after the committee meets.
How to improve your request for an Exception:

Your petition is a request for special consideration. Please present your case clearly and completely. Specifically address the reasons why your situation warrants special consideration.

Get good advice:

  1. Schedule an appointment with your advisor to discuss your case.
  2. If the request involves a specific course, discuss it with the instructor. Some requests can be strengthened if accompanied by the instructor’s endorsement.

Carefully complete the form:

  1. In Part I, state WHAT you are requesting (e.g., readmission, late drop, etc.).
  2. In Part II, clearly state WHY you are requesting the exception. Demonstrate why, in your situation, the rule or the requirement should be waived.
  3. Late Withdrawal: State the reason for the lateness of the request. If the request is for a selective withdrawal, explain why you only want to withdraw from that course rather than a complete withdrawal from all courses in the semester.
  4. Admission/Readmission to the University: Explain reasons for previous low grades, including any circumstances or unusual events which contributed to these grades. Specify particular actions you will take to improve your grade point average if the Exceptions Committee approves your request. Provide copies of all transcripts if you have attended other schools since being dismissed.

Include Documentation: In most cases, your petition will not be considered by the committee and no action will be taken unless you have supporting documentation. The committee does not need extensive documentation of your situation, but you must provide enough documentation to verify the situation and show why it affected your academic work. Statements from medical professionals or employers must be on official company letterhead. Be sure pertinent dates are clearly indicated.

Examples of appropriate documentation:

  • Illness- note from physician confirming illness and dates of treatment
  • Work change- note from supervisor confirming dates of work schedule change
  • Death in family- copy of death notification or program from funeral
  • Personal Circumstances- documentation from professionals including date


Download and complete Exceptions Petition Form (PDF)

Completed forms can be submitted by mail, email, or in-person. For forms submitted by mail, please call 316-978-3304, #2 to confirm materials were received.

Email to: CHP.Advisor@wichita.edu
In-Person: Ahlberg Hall, Room 402

Mail to:

Wichita State University
College of Health Professions Advising Center
Attention: Exceptions
1845 Fairmount St.
Wichita, KS 67260-0043



2022-2023 Academic Year Exceptions Schedule
College of Health Professions and University Exceptions Committee
Petitions Due
Deadline by 5 PM
UEC Meeting Results emailed to student
August 8 08/18/2022 08/22/2022
September 6 09/15/2022 09/19/2022
October 3 10/13/2022 10/17/2022
November 7 11/17/2022 11/21/2022
December 5 12/15/2022 12/19/2022
January 3
01/12/2023 01/16/2023
February 6 02/16/2023 02/20/2023
March 13
03/23/2023 03/27/2023
April 3 04/13/2023 04/17/2023
May 1 05/11/2023 05/15/2023
June 5 06/15/2023 06/19/2023
July 3 07/13/2023 07/17/2023

*All petitions received after the first deadline, will be reviewed during the next scheduled exceptions hearing.