Special Research Fellowships - Student Travel*

Applications for travel* awards are accepted beginning July 1 of each academic year (July 1 – June 30) and continue until we have exhausted funding for the current academic year. Additional funding for student travel* may be available through the SGA for students presenting research. Please visit the SGA website  for more information. 

In order to encourage research among graduate students and to recognize their scholarly achievement, the Graduate School awards special fellowships to students who present the results of their research at professional meetings and conferences.

In order to be considered for a special travel* fellowship, students must:

  1. Be in good academic standing in a graduate degree program at time of conference
  2. Have an approved Plan of Study on file (unless fewer than 12 hours have been accumulated)
  3. Submit proof that the presentation has been accepted at a VIRTUAL conference, with proof of registration cost
  4. Students may reapply for additional funds for virtual conference registration fees within a 12-month period, however, the total of all awards during that 12-month period cannot exceed $400
  5. Due to COVID-19, the Graduate School currently only provides support for virtual conferences.
  6. Submit the application form for the travel fellowship

Please note that funding is limited; it is possible that those who apply and meet all criterion will not receive a travel fellowship if the funding for that term has been exhausted.

*Only essential university travel is currently allowed. Funding opportunities exist for students presenting at virtual conferences and professional meetings.