WSU Student Speech-Language-Hearing Association (WSUSSLHA)


WSUSSLHA members at Neuro Event 2019

WSUSSLHA members and Dr. Self at Neurodiversity event

Ready to join your peers in the official WSU student organization for speech-language-hearing students?
Click form below, print, fill out and bring dues to the CSD office in 401 AH! 



Walk of Hope volunteers

WSUSSLHA serving at Wichita Walk of Hope

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Member Meetings and Events

Meeting times will be at 2:00pm. Typically held in 110 AH but check with officers.

September 3rd, September 17th, October 8th, October 22nd , November 5th, , and November 19th  

Fall 2021


Heartspring Trunk or Treat

WSU Health Professions Souper Bowl

Ronald McDonald House

Barnes and Noble Fundraiser

Spring 2022

Ronald McDonald House

Neurodiversity Week
April - tbd

May is "Better Hearing & Speech" month


CSD Graduation Reception

May - tbd

WSU Graduation
Fall: December
Spring: May

2022 AY Officers 

President: Julia Sitz
Vice President: Madeline Rondeau
Secretary: Aimee Sebastian

Social Chair: Sarah Krueger
Treasurer: Emilee Roberts 
NSSLHA Chair: Mary Stanley 
Aud rep: Gracie Ruth
MA-SLP rep: Emily Ray

Find WSUSSLHA on Facebook! Members can send FB request to join the closed group. For more information, please contact one of the officers.


General Information and Membership Details


The Wichita State University Student Speech-Language-Hearing Association (WSUSSLHA) is a student organization open to all WSU students. WSUSSLHA encourages professional interest among all students in the study of both normal and disordered human communication. It also provides a vehicle for student representation in matters of professional concern.

WSUSSLHA is a local chapter of the National Student Speech-Language-Hearing Association (NSSLHA), a pre-professional organization for undergraduate and graduate students in speech language pathology and audiology. This organization promotes departmental and community involvement as well as opportunities for national membership and participation. NSSLHA is the student branch of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA), which is the national professional organization for this field.

Social events sponsored by WSUSSLHA include the Faculty/Student "Back-to-School" picnic and the Winter Holiday party. WSUSSLHA serves as a service organization by hosting guest speakers from non-profit organizations and donating both time and money to special events throughout the year.

What benefits do I receive as a member of WSUSSLHA?

  • Develop an understanding of the transition from student to professional
  • Student representation in matters of professional concern
  • Professional growth opportunities
  • Develop leadership skills
  • Organize social or community activities
  • Promote the profession
  • Copy machine use in the Clinic student workroom
  • WSUSSLHA assists student members who wish to attend ASHA

How do I join WSUSSLHA?

Students may join WSUSSLHA at any time by submitting a completed membership form, along with the dues payment, to the WSUSSLHA Treasurer. Payments may be dropped off at the CSD Office in 401 Ahlberg Hall, or the WSU Speech-Language-Hearing Clinic (Hughes Metropolitan Complex, entrance T).

Membership dues are $15.00 for one (1) year or $25 for two (2) years. For those who initially join in the Spring semester, the fall renewal rate will be prorated to $7.00 for the first year of membership.

Form is available above or you can pick one up at either the CSD or clinic office.

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What is NSSLHA?

  • Founded in 1972, the National Student Speech-Language Hearing Association (NSSLHA) is the national organization for graduate and undergraduate students interested in the study of normal & disordered human communication.
  • NSSLHA is the only official national student association recognized by the American Speech Language Hearing Association (ASHA).
  • NSSLHA has approximately 11,000 members with chapters in more than 301 colleges & universities.
  • NSSLHA membership is available to any part- or full-time, graduate or undergraduate student interested in the study of communication disorders.
  • Students pursuing academic study as speech-language pathology assistants, students pursuing a doctorate of philosophy or doctorate of audiology, and students enrolled in a CSD program outside of the United States can be members of national NSSLHA.

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Master's Graduates or Doctoral Candidates Information on the NSSLHA-to-ASHA Conversion Program and Discount

  • What exactly is the NSSLHA-to-ASHA Conversion Discount?

    The NSSLHA-to-ASHA Conversion Discount provides a reduction in the initial membership and certification fees for students when they transfer their membership to ASHA.
  • How will I know if I qualify for the conversion program discount?

    To qualify for the conversion program discount a student must have paid national membership dues to NSSLHA for two consecutive years at the time of graduation from a master's program.
  • What constitutes two consecutive years of national membership?

    If a student is graduating from a master's or doctoral program in 2015, for example, that student must have paid national membership dues in 2014 and in 2015 to qualify for the conversion program discount.

    This discount is NOT available to students who are members of the local chapter only (WSUSSLHA). A student must have paid national (NSSLHA) membership dues ($45/annually) to receive this discount.
  • How much of a discount will I receive?

    Students that qualify for the NSSLHA-to-ASHA Conversion Program Discount receive a $150.00 savings off the initial fee of $486.00 for membership and certification in ASHA.
  • When is the best time to convert membership from NSSLHA to ASHA?

    NSSLHA members are advised to apply for ASHA membership and certification by the August 31 deadline to ensure that they will receive the conversion program discount. If a student waits until September 1 or later, he/she will lose the discount and will have to pay the recent graduate conversion rate.

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What benefits do I receive as a member of NSSLHA at the national level?

Involvement in NSSLHA leads to a fuller appreciation of the professions of audiology and speech-language pathology and a greater awareness to the issues affecting these fields. As a member of NSSLHA, a student will receive:

  • Two issues of Contemporary Issues in Communication Science and Disorders (CICSD), a NSSLHA publication.
  • Three issues of NSSLHA's newsletter, NSSLHA Now!
  • A print subscription to The ASHA Leader.
  • A print subscription to your choice of one of the following ASHA journals: American Journal of Audiology; American Journal of Speech Language Pathology; Journal of Speech, Language, and Hearing Research; or Language, Speech, and Hearing Services in Schools.
  • Access to the "members only" areas of the NSSLHA and ASHA Web sites, which include all ASHA journals, ASHA's Literature Review Service, and convenient membership dues renewal.
  • A reduced registration fee for the ASHA convention.
  • Discounted Associate Affiliate membership in ASHA's Special Interest Divisions.
  • Discounts on the purchase or lease of a new car from Subaru of America.
  • Discounts on ASHA or NSSLHA products and publications.
  • Technical assistance and resources from ASHA.
  • A NSSLHA credit card with no annual fee for the first year (approved application required).
  • Professional liability, medical, and dental insurance through plans available exclusively to NSSLHA members.
  • Eligibility for the NSSLHA to ASHA Conversion Program Discount, which represents a significant savings on dues and fees for your first year of ASHA membership and certification

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Want to get involved? Contact any officer about joining the following committees.

Graduation Reception
Members work on planning the annual graduation event in May. There is a lot of room for creativity.

Social Events
Members plan informal social get-togethers on a monthly basis, and also work on annual events like the picnic, baseball party, etc. There is plenty of room for creativity and new ideas.

Welcome Committee
This committee is something new we want to try as a way to connect our undergraduate and graduate members. We have many new ideas on how this could be accomplished, including a "mentor-mentee" program for grads and undergrads. This committee will do most of their work during the summer in order to get ready for the fall.

We are always looking for ways to earn money for our organization to support things like ASHA trips for members. Members of this committee will brainstorm, plan, and help execute fundraisers to be done throughout the year (probably one a semester.)

This committee will be in charge of planning and doing the Convocation Banner for WSU's Convocation, which is right after school year begins in the fall. The majority of the planning/design will take place during the summer. WSUSSLHA has an impressive past as doing very well in the competition (we won last year), so we want to maintain that presence!

Faculty Advisors

Karissa Marble-Flint, PhD, Faculty Advisor

Terese Conrad, MA, Faculty Advisor