WSU DPT Student Clinical Experiences

Clinical education and experience is a vital component for a student's professional and personal development.

The clinical education in the Physical Therapy program consists of 15-20 half-day integrated clinical experiences(ICE) in the first year, one 8-week rotation during the second year, and three 10-week rotations in the final year. We are affiliated with over 500 local, regional, and national facilities at which the students have opportunities to fulfill their clinical requirements. Licensed physical therapists with at least one year of full time clinical experience volunteer to be effective role models and clinical teachers to our students in these various settings. All students are required to complete a rotation in at least 1 inpatient setting and 1 outpatient setting over the 4 full-time clinical rotations. Inpatient rotation options include acute care hospital, skilled nursing facility, inpatient rehabilitation hospital, or rural health where at least 50% of the caseload is inpatient. Outpatient rotation options include outpatient orthopedic clinic, home health, school based setting, early intervention, rural hospital where at least 50% outpatient caseload, and specialty clinic. 

Throughout these clinical rotations, students are given various clinical assignments to gain experience and opportunities to assist, observe and apply principles learned in the classroom to real world patients and clinical situations. This exposure helps students to acquire well-rounded experience in a variety of physical therapy settings.

Benefits for Clinical Instructors and Site Coordinators of Clinical Education

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SCCEs and CIs are considered non-paid adjunct faculty of the College of Health Professions at WSU. Although there is no salary associated with being a SCCE or CI, you are eligible for a WSU I.D. which allows you certain benefits such as discounts for theater and other cultural activities, discount for membership in the Heskett Center or Wichita YMCA, use of the library and bookstore, discounts and/or free admission to WSU DPT-offered continuing education courses, and waiver of the student fee (not tuition) for enrollment in credit courses.

To make use of these benefits, you must have obtained the photo-ID Shocker Card. If you do not have a Shocker Card, you may obtain one free of charge by completing the Non-Employee Access Form. See the Non-Employee Access Form Instructions for further details on completion of the form. Once the Non-Employee Access Form is completed please fax to WSU PT (316)978-3669 or send secure email to WSU PT Clinical Education team. WSU Human Resources will process the Non-Employee Access form and will issue a WSU ID and instructions about obtaining a Shocker card. The WSU ID and Shocker card gives you privileges to use the Library and the Heskett Center. For more information concerning your privileges, please contact the DCE.

The Affiliation Agreement protects the safety, privacy, and dignity of clinical instructors. The affiliation agreement contains rights and responsibilities of clinical instructors, clinical facilities, and students. 

Clinical instructors in Kansas may earn one contact hour for each documented 40 hours of providing supervision of a student. A maximum of three contact hours shall be awarded in each two-year continuing education period. See your state's Practice Act/Handbook for information on clinical education hours earned for supporting WSU Physical Therapy Students. 

Site Coordinators of Clinical Education and Clinical Instructors

WSU has transitioned to use of EXXAT for our clinical education database. All clinical education rotations will be requested electronically March 1st for the following calendar year.

For questions related to WSU Clinical Education please contact our Clinical Education team at  or submit a Clinical Education Inquiry: Clinic Submission Form


Clinical Education Faculty and Staff

Elizabeth Tew PT, MPT, DPT

Director of Clinical Education & Assistant Teaching Professor

(316) 978-3682

Rachel Quinn

Clinical Placement Coordinator

(316) 978-3011

Adam Veenis PT, DPT

Assistant Director of Clinical Education & Assistant Teaching Professor

Brent Ehresman PT, DPT

Assistant Director of Clinical Education & Assistant Teaching Professor