Voicemail Options

You can check your voicemail remotely by calling in (page 8 of the guide) or by accessing your account online (page 1 of the guide). It is also helpful to program your voicemail to come straight to your email so you are notified right away of a waiting message (page 6 of the guide). The last few pages of the guide offer helpful shortcuts to dealing with campus email.

Please remember the online portal only works in Internet Explorer or Firefox. The mailbox is your extension and the password is the same as you would use to log in through your phone. If you need a password reset, you can call the Helpdesk at x4357 or submit a ticket at www.wichita.edu/services/telecom, click Service Requests, choose Telecommunications Assistance and indicate in the ticket you are needing a voicemail reset.

Click here for a voicemail guide.