Reporting Services

Reporting Services has been updated to WSU Reporting Services.  The functionality remains the same; however, the look has been updated.

Using VPN is required when accessing Reporting Services off campus

WSU Reporting Services

Image of WSU Reporting

Access to the reporting folders will remain the same as what you had previous to the upgraded look.

View Options

There are two different view options:

  • Tile view (as seen in the image above) or
  • List view

To switch between view options:

  • Click on the view dropdown located in the upper right of the window
  •  Select either Tiles or List
    image as described above

Example of List View:

image as described above

To Run a Report

The process remains the same when running a report:

  • Select the Report Parameters and click Run Report

image as described above

To Export a Report

Reports in WSU Reporting Services can be exported into various formats including: excel, PDF, and word.

To export a report:

  • Click on the Save Icon and Select the type of format
    image as described above
  • Click OK or Run on any download warnings (In Chrome, the download may be in the bottom right of the browser window)
    image as described above
  • Report will open in the selected format