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Accounts Payable

The Accounts Payable Department is responsible for processing and auditing procurement card transactions, correction requests, Inter-Organizational Transfer Documents (IOTDs), Invoice Control Documents (ICDs), Travel and Vendor Maintenance.

Chrome River - Travel, Pcard Reconcilation, & Invoice

Chrome River - WSU's Travel, Pcard and Invoice Software Solution!  The system replaced the eForm-Log process for Pcards and the TEM system.  Several training resources and videos can be found on the Chrome River website or asynchronous trainings regarding are available through myTraining.


Chrome River is WSU's comprehensive Invoice system.  Departments enter direct pay invoices into Chrome River instead of using the paper ICD process.

All payments associated with a WSU purchase order will continue to be processed utilizing the paper ICD process.  This includes both partial and full payment against a purchase order.

The IOTD process for paying other WSU departments has not changed and will continue to be handled outside of the Chrome River system.

Quick reference guides can be found at


Procurement Card Reconcilation (both Travel & Pcard purchases)

Cardholders will use Chrome River to reconcile Travel and PCard charges as well as Pre-Travel Authorizations

Quick reference guides can be found at

Fixed Assets - Management of Assets

Property Transfer Process

Property Transfer Form

  1. Campus departments send Property Control n Financial Operations 2 copies of their completed Transfer of Property forms.
  2. Property Control initials each copy and forwards 1 initialed copy to the Physical Plant Warehouse.
  3. The Physical Plant Warehouse schedules a time to pick up the items on the Transfer of Property form.
  4. Departments can contact James Sublett, Physical Plant Warehouse Supervisor at extension 7938 or by email to learn when their equipment pickup is scheduled.
  5. Property Control records the date they receive the Transfer of Property form.
  6. Departments can contact Larry Franklin at 5877 or by email to see if Property Control received your transfer form, or to know when the form was sent to the Physical Plant Warehouse.
IOTD (Inter-Organizational Transfer Document) - Paying another WSU Department

A University department may pay for goods and services received from another department using the Inter-Organizational Transfer Document (IOTD), which transfers funds from one FOAP to another. The department purchasing the goods or services should initiate the transfer process by completing the IOTD form and sending a hard copy to Accounts Payable. As with any purchase, funds must be available in the applicable FOAP.

ICD (Invoice Control Document) - Paying Invoices tied to an Encumbrance or Purchase Order

A University department may request payment to an outside vendor using the Invoice Control Document (ICD) form.  Completed forms are sent to Financial Operations for review and processing.  For specific purchasing and procurement guidelines contact the Office of Purchasing.

For partial payments on purchase orders only, route all paper ICDs to Financial Operations, Jardine Hall Room 201, Campus Box 38.  Accounts Payable will ensure the document is routed for additional approvals, if needed.

Procurement Card

Accounts Payable is responsible for administering the Business Procurement Card Program in accordance with WSU and State of Kansas policies. 

For all other procurement card questions and resources visit the Business Procurement Card website.


Visit the WSU Purchasing Website for helpful purchasing resources.


Travel Guides and information previously found on myWSU was moved to the WSU Travel Website

Chrome River is WSU's Travel, Pcard and Invoice Software Solution.  The system replaced the eForm-Log process for Pcards and the TEM system. For Chrome River resources visit:

  • WSU Travel Website contains:
    • Travel Handbook
    • Travel Quick Reference Guide
    • Price Quote Comparison
    • BPC Application Form
    • Mileage Rates
    • Vehicle Rental Information
    • Travel Shared Service
    • Travel Resources
    • Mandatory Direct Deposit of Travel Reimbursements

Forms under Travel


Wu- buy is Wichita State's Electronic procurement, or eProcurement, software.  It is used to make purchases, create and approve purchase requisitions, issue purchase orders, receive goods and services, and process invoices electronically.

Wu-Buy makes your product research, order processing, order tracking and all associated actions (such as receiving and payments) easier, faster, and more compliant.

  • You are able to locate WSU specific pricing with our contract punchout suppliers, easily find contract suppliers, and much more.
  • Wu-Buy facilitates future purchases by allowing you to create "Shopping Lists" for items that you order regularly. 
  • It provides an intuitive approach much like the online shopping cart experiences on so many websites.

WSU Employees with access to financial organization codes have access to Wu Buy as a 'Browser'.  The Browser role is assigned to those users who have the need to create purchases for goods and services but do not have the authority to make purchases using University funds based on the Banner Finance Fund/Org Authority. All new users will be assigned the Browser role upon their first successful SSO login. 

The Buyer role in Wu-Buy is assigned to those users who have the authority to make purchases using University funds based on the Banner Finance Fund/Org Authority.


Accounts Receivable

Accounts Receivable Website for all departmental Accounts Receivable needs.

Cash Handling

Prior to receiving any cash, a WSU department or organization must have approval to accept cash from Accounts Receivable.  Several resources are available to assist departments in the proper handling of cash.

Policy & Procedure 13.01 Cash Receipts

Cash Handling Procedures

Cash Handling Training online training is posted on myWSU, EmpHelp, Accounts Receivable, “Cash Handling Training”

Cash Transfers

Transfering cash (revenue) from one organization to another organization (example: a college or academic unit helping supplement cash for one of its departments).

Credit/Debit Cards
  • Find information on accepting credit/debit cards for event tickets, merchandise, conference registrations, and other sales - Accepting Credit Card Payments Page
  • Are you inviting a guest speaker, performer, author or vendor to campus who will be selling merchandise or otherwise accepting credit/debit card payments? If so, they must complete and return a form documenting their compliance with Payment Card Industry Standards
  • Acceptance of Credit Card Payments by Non-WSU Merchants

Send any questions about credit/debit card payments to

Departmental Deposits

Find an Explanation of Departmental Deposits, including a user guide with detailed instructions on how to make a deposit - Departmental Deposits Information

Find all the latest Information for all things CASH on the Accounts Receivable Home Page

Managing & Collecting Receivables

Is your department invoicing internal and/or external customers? Contact for assistance in managing and collecting departmental receivables.


A safekeeping account allows student groups and faculty/staff an account for deposit of monies generated by fundraisers or membership fees. Safekeeping accounts are used for nonpublic money.

Third Party Service Provider Agreement

Wichita State is continuing its efforts to become compliant with the Payment Card Industry Standards. This compliance regulates how we structure security and processes around accepting and processing payment cards (credit and/or debit cards).

Part of this compliance is ensuring that any contract with a vendor that accepts payment cards on behalf of WSU, or gives WSU any portion of the money it has collected, has specific language in it identifying the vendor's compliance responsibilities.

  • If you think a contract may have something to do with accepting payment cards, it must be sent to Lois Tatro, Senior Associate Vice President for Financial Services, for review.
  • This change in procedure has been reviewed and approved by the General Counsel’s office
  • Review this additional contract language that will be added when payment cards/PCI is involved.  Third-Party Service Provider Agreement

Send your questions to: or


W-9 Request for Wichita State University Taxpayer Identification Number

Form W-9 Request for Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) and Certification is the standard form published by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) used by payers to request FEIN information. A person, company, or agency making payment to Wichita State University, and who is required to file an information return with the IRS, must obtain the University's FEIN in order to do so. In general, requests for WSU's Taxpayer Identification Number are made by payers in order for them to properly report information in connection with miscellaneous payments made to the University (class tuition, services, interest, dividends, rents, royalties, etc.).

When a department receives a request for the University’s FEIN for sales of services or goods to an outside entity, departments can obtain an authorized Wichita State University W-9 form. This form can be furnished directly to the requester. Student organizations are not permitted to use the University FEIN. Please ensure that you use this information responsibly.


University Budget Office Website is for all departmental University Budgeting needs.

Funding and Expenditure Terms & Definitions

A list of Funding and Expenditure Terms and Definitions. List is present in a drop-down toward the botttom of the page.

Budget Forms for Departmental Use

Budget Forms for Departmental use including creating a Budget Transfer (RU or GU)

Forms include:

  • Personnel Shrinkage Request Form
  • Budget Adjustment
  • Cash Transfer
  • Strategic Initiative Proposal
  • Request for New Org
Fiscal Year Budgeting Information

Read about Fiscal Year Budgeting Information, Fringe Benefits Rates and the Budget Office Payroll Schedule

General Finance and Administrative Information

Helpful links and general finance information:

Finance General Help
  • WSU Finance 101 - Helpful information for many finance basics!
  • Finance Reports are located in Reporting Services under Finance Reports - Organization.

Revisions to FCM00120-Organization Budget Review Officer Report (FWABROF) report

Organization Budget Review Officer Report (FWABROF) includes the following information: Budget Officer, Budget Review Officer, and Office Contact as well as a list of RU funds associated with the Finacial Organization Code.  If any of the information needs modified, 
Budget officers and Budget review officers are asked to email request to: 

  • Lauren Smith or Jason Post (Budget Office) for department organization codes (10XXXX)
  • Amy Delgado (RTT) for grant organization codes (70XXXX)

Finance organization code access requests

  • Budget officers: email requests to Teresa Moore in Financial Operations.  Include the employee's myWSU ID and list the org codes to be granted or removed.  
  • Review the two security reports in Reporting Services > Finance Reports-Organization: Financial Org Security Access by Org and Financial Org Security Access by myWSU ID for additional information.

Help Guides:

General Counsel

The Office of General Counsel provides and coordinates all legal services for Wichita State University.

Visit the General Counsel Website for information regarding services offered.

  • Use the Contract Cover Sheet when sending contracts to the General Counsel’s office for review.  This document is needed to allow WSU to begin scanning copies of all fully executed contracts into a central repository that will be used for KBOR reporting requirements, State of KS audit requirements, and to answer questions posed to the University.  Affiliation agreements are not required to use this process
Internal Audit

Internal Audit provides independent, objective internal audit and consulting services that helps Wichita State University achieve its objectives and fulfill its vision.

Office of Internal Audit Website

WSU Audit Update Blog

Official Hospitality

All Divisions - Forms and Information

  • Official Hospitality W-9 Form
    • Form completed by the candidate when on campus for interview
    • Return completed W-9 AND the Candidate Reimbursement Form to Academic Affairs, Box 13 for reimbursement payment processing
    • This form is to be completed by the employee that is ordering from Chartwells Dining for a specific event
    • The employee submits the completed form to VPAF, Box 47 prior to the event if possible
    • After VPAF receives invoices from Chartwells, the information sheet is matched to the appropriate invoice for processing thru either state funds or foundation
Division of Academic Affairs

Instructions and forms for Academic Affairs Official Hospitality are located on the Academic Affairs web site

Questions?  Feel free to contact Jan Hudson (

Division of Student Affairs

The following forms (and the forms listed above under All Divisions) are for Student Affairs Official Hospitality

Questions?  Feel free to contact Emily Zimmerman (

Office Supplies

Shocker Printing Solutions provides digital printing and copy services, including black-and-white and full-color digital printing and copying, and bindery services for the University, including cutting, padding, punching, coil binding, comb binding, folding, saddle stitching, stapling and laminating. Shocker Printing Solutions also maintains a stock of office supplies commonly used by all offices, including paper, printer cartridges, WSU logo items and more.


Visit the Payroll Office website for information pertaining to payroll.

Post Office Charges

Click here regarding postal information:  WSU Campus Post Office - For Staff