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What is Mathematica

Mathematica is a mathematical computation program used in many scientific, engineering, mathematical, and computing fields. Unlike other systems, Mathematica applies intelligent automation in every part of the system, from algorithm selection to plot layout and user interface design. You get reliable, high-quality results without needing algorithm expertise— even if as an expert, results are faster.

What are the Focus Areas of Mathematica

Below are listed several possible areas and relevant links for Mathematica use:

Humanities - many applications for humanities, psychology and social behavior

Classroom and virtual teaching - used for lectures, research and presentations as well as publishing

Business - with live fianancial data through Wolfram|Alpha, economic analysis is a breeze with Mathematica

Machine Learning tools - Mathematica is widely used for AI and NeuralNets

Engineering - used extensively for engineering whether Biological, Electrical/Computer, Civil, etc.

High Performance Computing - parallel processing is built into Mathematica

3D Printing - very easy with Mathematica

Using Python? - Mathematica allows you to infuse your Python code directly into your Mathematica notebook

Learning and Teaching Mathematica