Zoom Login Update (July 2021)

Starting July 6th, the process to login to Zoom may look slightly different. Moving forward, all users on the Wichita State Zoom account will be required to sign in with single sign-on, or “SSO.”  If you have already been using the steps provided to login to Zoom, you may not notice any differences. Those that have been accessing Zoom through Zoom.us and entering their email will receive an error message indicating that they should enter a valid email. 

When signing into the Zoom website, the best way to do this is to:

  1. Go directly to https://wichitastate.zoom.us and click “Sign In.”  
  2. On the Zoom software or app, click or tap “Sign in with SSO” or “Use SSO.”  
  3. If prompted for a domain, enter ‘wichitastate’.  
  4. Then, proceed to enter your myWSUID@wichita.edu and password as usual. 

Departments are discouraged from using generic shared email addresses for Zoom accounts (such as “mrc@wichita.edu, e.g.), as these increase your security risk. We encourage you to make strategic use of the Alternative Host and Scheduling Privileges features to better share meeting hosting responsibilities. 

If you have questions about signing into your Zoom account, please submit a support ticket on TeamDynamix.