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Zoom at WSU

Zoom is a versatile and easy-to-use solution for digital learning at WSU because each user has the capacity to create and host their own online meeting. WSU's partnership with Zoom enables a single-sign-on option, meaning each valid WSUID/password combination functions as a Zoom ID/password.

The functionality of Zoom includes: virtual meeting rooms in real-time, which connect via camera, microphone, keyboard, screen sharing, whiteboard, etc. Each meeting has one or more "Hosts" that have control over the available tools in the meeting environment.

Every Zoom account holder at WSU receives their own permanent, personal room for meetings, or they have the ability to generate a one-time meeting room to use for an instant meeting or a scheduled meeting in the future. Invites can be sent by email, course messages, or Blackboard announcement, and the meeting room ID can be shared as a URL accessible by any browser. Find out more about Zoom by clicking "Section Menu" above.