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What is a Personal Meeting ID?

Each time you launch or schedule a new meeting in the Zoom app, a new meeting with a new meeting ID number is created. As such, it is essential that all attendees have the correct meeting ID in addition to the date and time of the meeting. Just like in a face-to-face meeting, the "when" is useless without the "where," and vice versa.

A remedy to the complexity of a new meeting ID number being creating each time you host a meeting, is the permanent ID number associated with your individual Zoom account. Using your Personal Zoom Meeting ID, you can have your own virtual meeting space where you are always assigned the role of Host.

Finding Your Personal Meeting ID (Desktop)

Log in to your account (don't forget to use SSO - Single Sign On - and your WSUID and password!) and view your profile. Both the room ID and the accompanying URL should be listed directly under your name and image.

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Finding Your Personal Meeting ID in the App



Log into the app itself and you'll find it at the top of the Meetings tab.

Zoom meeting ID