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Logging Into Zoom

Once you've downloaded and installed the Zoom app, open the app on your device.

Choose Sign In. join a meeting or log in


Choose the Login with SSO option.  Zoom login with SSO option circled


Enter wichitastate as the company domain (lowercase letters, no space). Then click "Continue."  enter your company domain


You should then see the WSU single-sign-on window. Enter your ID in the form of myWSUID @ . ( For example: ) Enter your current myWSU password. Click "Login."

WSU SSO login window


You should see the WSU information page appear. You can choose to not see that page in the future and have the Zoom app remember your login information so that a single click starts up the app in the future without username/password.

Choose an option of consent from the choices available.


Next, choose "Accept." The Zoom main account window should open on your desktop, and the app will be active.