What is considered Comp Time?

Non-exempt employees are eligible for comp time for all hours worked over 40 hours in the workweek.

How do pay periods affect Comp Time?

Pay periods do not affect the calculation of comp time. Comp time is calculated based on a workweek. Workweeks are from Sunday to Saturday. Each pay period includes two workweeks. (Week 1 and Week 2)

What is considered a workweek?

A seven (7) day period in which the required working hours for full-time employees equal forty (40) hours. The distribution of such hours during the workweek is a matter of scheduling left to the individual departments.

How is Comp Time calculated?
Comp Time is paid based on actual hours worked. Comp time is not considered until actual hours worked exceed 40 in a workweek. Examples of paid non-worked hours are vacation, sick and holiday hours.
How do I enter hours to earn comp time?

Enter hours worked each day once you have physically worked 40 hours you will change the earn code to comp time earned. All hours ‘worked’ over 40 will be paid as comp time earned when using this earn code. Enter the hours worked and the system will bank the hours at 1.5 x the hours worked.

What if I am sick during the week, will I still earn comp time?

Only if you physically work more than 40 hours in that week. Only hours worked over 40 are eligible for comp time.

If I work part-time, how many hours do I have to work to be paid overtime?

According to state and federal law, overtime begins after a non-exempt employee has worked in excess of 40 hours in the workweek; this is not adjusted or pro-rated if an employee is part-time.

What if I work the holiday, will I get comp time?

If a benefits eligible non-exempt employee works the holiday, the timesheet will already be populated with holiday pay. You will leave the holiday pay ‘as is’ and add an earn code Holiday Worked-Comp Earned with the number of hours worked. This earn code adds the hours to your comp time bank at 1.5 times the hours worked. The holiday worked comp hours are eligible for comp time so these hours will be counted if you physically work over 40 hours in the workweek.

Which earn codes are not eligible for earning comp time?

Earn codes used for leave time are not considered hours worked so those hours/earnings are not eligible for comp time. Such as Sick leave, Vacation, Parental Leave, Jury, Military, Comp time taken or Funeral.

How do I record time for a previous pay period?

Email your approver/supervisor and let them know about the missing hours. Then the supervisor will email timekeeping@wichita.edu and report the missing hours along with providing a screenshot of the previous timesheet. It is very important to include the shift and positon number worked for hours missed and indicate only comp time should be earned if applicable.

What if I work in multiple positions how will comp time be applied?

Hours worked in access of 40 hours will be applied to comp time by using the comp time earned earncode.

What if my department only pays Overtime and no comp time?

Please see the ‘Earning Automatic Overtime FAQ? This explains How to record overtime time hours on your timesheet.