General FAQs About Our Program

Have questions about our program? Please find helpful Q/A below for what SSS is about, contact info, hours, and more.

What is TRiO?

The Federal TRIO Programs (TRIO) are Federal outreach and student services programs designed to identify and provide services for individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds. TRIO includes eight programs targeted to serve and assist low-income individuals, first-generation college students, and individuals with disabilities to progress through the academic pipeline from middle school to postbaccalaureate programs.

What is TRiO SSS?

Trio SSS provides academic support services that help first generation, limited income students, and students with disabilities to persist and graduate from college.

The primary goal of SSS is to help transition, retain and graduate disadvantaged college students. The program provides a variety of academic support services that include individualized tutoring, success skill development, course planning and advising.

Who is eligible to participate?

Because TRIO SSS is federally funded the eligibility criteria are stringent. Students are eligible to receive services if:

  • Enrolled or accepted for enrollment at WSU.
  • US citizen or legal permanent resident with an academic need.
  • A first generation college student (neither parent has a Bachelor’s degree).
  • A low family income as determined by federal guidelines.

TRIO SSS is funded to serve only 250 students each year. Two-thirds of students must be low-income and first generation college students or students with disabilities. One-third of disabled students must be low-income. 

How does TRiO SSS work?

TRIO SSS specifically targets low-income, first generation college students and students with disabilities, because they are historically under-represented in higher education, and persist and graduate at a rate than much lower non-TRIO-eligible students. The program provides a wide variety of services, including but not limited to:

  • Individualized Tutoring
  • Textbook, Laptop, iPad Checkout
  • Financial and Economic Literacy
  • FAFSA Application Assistance
  • Academic Advice and Assistance in Course Selection
  • Graduate School Enrollment Advice
  • Academic and Life Smart Skills Development
  • Comprehensive and Personalized Degree Planning 
  • Scholarships exclusively for SSS Students
Is SSS operating virtually, in-person, or hybrid?

SSS offices and services are mostly in-person. However, for advising appointments, we offer a hybrid format, either in-person or over Zoom.

What are your hours and where are you located?

Our hours of operation are Monday - Friday from 8:00am - 5:00pm

Our office is located on the 3rd floor of Grace Wilkie Hall in Room 309

What is the theme of the WSU Student Support Services Project?

The Student Support Services Project focuses on promoting a social justice and equity perspective through our participants

Social Justice is not a subject matter in the ways that Math, Biology, Social Studies, Literature, etc., are subjects. Social Justice is a way of seeing the world no matter your area of interest or future career goals. On one hand, it involves a distinct orientation towards critical and democratic values and practices, and against injustice and inequalities. For example, social justice Biology teachers will do different lessons from Literature social justice teachers because they deal with different classroom materials. They can share similar teaching methods and orientations involving a student-centered, co-developed curriculum modeled on constructivist approaches (building knowledge with students not for them, using questioning strategies, problem-posing, project methods, inquiry, creative juxtaposition of contexts, participatory learning, etc.). In addition, SJ orientation poses knowledge that already exist, and knowledge approved for the official curriculum as well as the knowledge-making process as problems for critical reflection, not as givens--why do we study x? Why does x matter? How does x relate to our experience? Who benefits from x? Who not? Why do we study x in these ways? What are diverse sources for knowing x? With X being any subject matter. SJ teachers pose thought-provoking problems for students to devise understandings for discussion. They are also particularly concerned with the key social justice issues locally and globally--regarding racism, class inequality, gender inequalities, planetary pollution and global warming, war, and peace, etc., and seek to integrate such issues as themes into the disciplinary subject matters at hand rather than delivering free-standing lectures on them.

What sets TRiO SSS apart from other Support Services on campus?

Comprehensive services and individual attention set us apart. TRIO SSS involves itself in academic decisions, financial aid issues, tutoring, engagement activities, professional development and more. Additionally, because we serve only a small portion of the undergraduate student body, we can provide more attention to each participant.

How do I know that this program works?

These are the highlights of our successes for 2018-19:

Good Academic Standing:

  • 96% of program participants remained in Good Academic Standing with a GPA > 2.00


  • 82% of project students enrolled in 2017-18 re-enrolled at Wichita State and the SSS project for 2018-19


  • 54% of participants of 2013-14 cohort graduated with a bachelor’s degree in 2018-19 (within 6 years)


  • A total of 2298 advising contact hours were provided to project participants

Tutoring Services:

  • 82% of SSS tutored students passed their courses
How many students are enrolled in the program?

Each year the program enrolls 250 eligible students. Once enrolled, students may participate through their senior year.

Prospective Participants FAQs

We want to make sure that we answer all of your questions about our program and what we can offer to you.

What services does SSS offer?
  • Individualized Tutoring
  • Comprehensive and Personalized Degree Planning
  • Textbook, Laptop, iPad Checkout
  • Financial and Economic Literacy
  • FAFSA Application Assistance
  • Academic Advice and Assistance in Course Selection
  • Graduate School Enrollment Advice
  • Access to SSS Technology Learning Lab
  • Academic Success Skills Development
  • Scholarships Exclusive for SSS Participants
How can SSS help me?

We offer free services to help our participants grow academically and prepare for graduation. Also, because we serve only a small portion of the undergraduate student body, we can provide more attention to each participant.

Does it cost to participate?

No, to apply and to participate is completely free!

How do I apply?

Students may apply online at For more information, students may contact the TRIO SSS staff at 316-978-3715 or visit the office in Grace Wilkie Hall #309.

What documents are needed to complete an application?
  1. Your and/or your parents' most recent Federal Income Tax IRS form 1040. To determine dependency status please visit the Federal Student Aid Dependency Status webpage.
  2. Scores from your VARK Questionnaire (can be obtained by visiting the VARK Questionnaire webpage and completing the questionnaire).
  3. Most recent transcript (unofficial).
Why are there so many forms to complete and documents to submit??

The U.S. Department of Education requires the SSS to document verification of each student's eligibility to enroll in the program. Active participants are not required to re-submit application information again, but all participants must meet with a staff member each semester to update their contact information and current course schedule.

I was an above average student in high school, why would I need this type of assistance?

During your college experience, you may need some help regardless of your performance level in high school. Many students discover that university life presents increased social, financial, and academic challenges typically not experienced in high school, we recommend that students take advantage of the resources available through our program.

Will participation in the Student Support Services program appear on my transcript?

No. Participation in the SSS Program is provided to enhance your success at the university and students' eligibility criteria are held in strict confidence.

Current Participants FAQs

Find helpful answers below with any questions you have about what is available to you.

What are the expectations for current participants?

The student must maintain regular contact (at least three times a semester) with program academic advisors throughout each semester, use tutors and/or labs if assigned by an instructor or advisor, follow a prescribed course of study and developmental plan if needed, attend workshops on special topics, and reactivate his/her file each fall semester to remain a participant.

How do I schedule an advising appointment?

Please call us at (316) 978 - 3715 or email us at to schedule an appointment with our wonderful advisors and meet our staff!

How do I checkout textbook/technology?

Click on the corresponding links for more information and making a request

How do I request a tutor?

Click on the corresponding link for more information and making a request

What are the lab hours?
Please contact our office at if you need access to printing.
Why should I refer friends to SSS? What are the benefits for me?

The goal of TRIO SSS is to increase the retention and graduation rates of its participants. They are consistent with goals of engaging incoming undergraduate students, increasing undergraduate retention by expanding and strengthening learning support, and enhancing the climate of WSU to cultivate greater levels of student success as measured by retention and completion.

We are committed to providing proactive and intrusive academic and other assistance when working with our participants. Consequently, we strongly encourage referrals from faculty and staff.

How do I make a referral?

Please have anyone you refer to TRiO SSS apply at the following link and SSS staff will determine if eligibility requirements are met.

FAFSA and Financial Aid FAQs

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Frequently Asked Financial Aid Questions.


Still have questions? Feel free to give us a call, email us, or stop by our office!.

Phone: (316) 978 - 3715
Hours: Monday - Friday from 8:00am - 5:00pm
Location: 3rd floor of Grace Wilkie, Room 309