Mailing Address

TRIO Student Support Services
Wichita State University
1845 Fairmount, Box 81
Wichita, KS 67260-0081

Office Address

Grace Wilkie Hall, Third Floor, Room 309


8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday

Phone and E-mail

Phone: (316) 978-3715
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TRIO Student Support Services Staff

Kennedy Musamali


Dr. Kennedy Musamali

Supervises all Components

The Director coordinates collaboration and interaction with host institution and TRIO programs. Promotes campus environment resulting in multiple oppurtunities student learning and continuously improves program services. Supervises to insure the measurable impact of services. Maintains budget for effective fiscal management congruent with new institutional computerization in Banner. Ensures compliance with EDGAR, TRIO, and Federal Regulations. Maintains internal control system for accountability, measurable results and efficient operational policies. Networks with faculty and administors attracting resources to the program for continuous improvements.

Charity Lowe


Charity Lowe
Assistant Director & Academic Advisor

Tutorial and Training Component

The Assistant Director coordinates the tutorial and training component. This component focuses on outcome-based individualized tutoring. Its aim is to assist students attain the grades needed to successfully complete required courses.

Pooja Sharma


Pooja Sharma
Database Specialist & Academic Advisor

Tracking and Evaluation Component

The Database Specialist coordinates tracking and evaluation component. This component focuses on accurate and consistent tracking of students’ academic progress. The coordinator is responsible for maintaining project databases from which monthly, annual and special reports are researched and generated. The required Department of Education Annual Performance Report (APR) is prepared and submitted through this component. The Database Specialist also produces a Qualitative and Quantitative (Q&Q) report that summarizes the program's annual outcomes. This report is shared and made accessible to all stakeholders.



Nelson Ross
Academic Advisor & Learning Skills & Technology Coordinator

Learning Skills and Technology Component

The Academic Advisor coordinates the learning skills and technology component. This component focuses on coordinating activities that strengthen students’ academic skills and improve grades. This includes maintaining the computer lab, computerized data files on textbooks, and providing students’ access to the project’s textbook library, laptops, and IPads. The coordinator oversees the maintenance and update of the project’s learning skills and financial literacy computer software. The Academic Advisor also coordinates the publicity and marketing messages for the program.
Pooja Sharma Laurie Solberg
Senior Administrative Assistant

Administrative Component

The Senior Administrative Assistant coordinates the administrative component. This component focuses on coordinating activities and resources to ensure an effective management of the project. This includes managing and maintaining an efficient system of internal controls such as computerized budget systems, purchasing processes, program inventory, human resource processes, student worker supervision and the program's monthly newsletter publication.