Campus Resources
Academic Services
  • Academic Advising
  • Chemistry TA Office Hours

    102/103 Geology Building
    Free Tutoring program for College of Engineering Students
  • Math Lab

    371 Jabara Hall
  • Registrar's Office
    102/117 Jardine Hall
    Registration, drop/adds, name and address changes, transfer course evaluation, diploma ordering and distribution, WSU transcripts, academic record maintenance.
  • Speech Lab
    601 Lindquist Hall
  • Supplemental Instruction
    115 Hubbard Hall
    Informal study sessions led by a successful peer student.
  • Tutoring
    115 Neff Hall
    Match students with tutoring and help students become tutors. Information regarding
    additional subject-specific tutoring services (including Accounting, Chemistry, Economics and Physics) can be found at
  • University Libraries
    Ablah Library 978-3481 Ablah Library
    Chemistry Library 978-3764 127 McKinley Hall
    Music Library 978-3029 312/313 Jardine Hall
  • Writing Center
    601 Lindquist Hall
Campus Information
Campus Resources
  • Adult Education
    151 Grace Wilkie Annex
    Whether you are finishing a degree, changing your course to another option or beginning a new path, the Adult Education office is there to help every step of the way.
  • Campus Ministries
    204 Rhatigan Student Center
  • Care Team (UBIT)
    The Care Team provides a proactive and supportive multidisciplinary team approach to prevention, assessment and intervention for situations that may interfere with students or employees functioning to their full potential. If you would like assistance for yourself of someone else in the University, please go to the “Submit a Concern” link on our website.
  • Career Development Center
    Brennan Hall III - 1st Floor | RSC Office - Room 205
    The go-to resource for anyone looking to build a bright future. From help discovering and landing your dream job to virtually limitless cooperative education and internship opportunities, the Career Development Center offers a wide range of career resources focused on your success beyond the classroom. In addition, the Career Development Center serves employers, connecting them with a deep pool of Shocker talent.
  • Counseling and Prevention Services
    Grace Wilkie Hall - Room 320
    Provides psychological services for personal, learning and mental health issues. Academic testing services include credit by exam and departmental exams.
  • Disability Services
    978-3309 (TDD/TDY)
    203 Grace Wilkie Hall
    Provides support services for students who experience disabilities. Services may include: class notes, library assistance, testing accommodations, assistance in the typing of papers, brailing of notes and recorded textbooks.
  • Equal Employment Opportunity
    Human Resources Building
    WSU’s Office of Equal Opportunity analyzes the WSU workforce to evalute whether we are employing women and people of color at the expected rates.
  • Housing & Residence Life
    Shocker Hall
    Wichita State University Housing and Residence Life manages Shocker Hall and The Flats.
  • Military and Veteran Student Center
    105 Grace Wilkie Hall
    Provides a lounge space for students with military experience as well as their dependents. Computers and free printing are available.
  • Office of Diversity & Inclusion
    208 Rhatigan Student Center
    Strives to create and sustain an all-inclusive multicultural campus community through year-round educational, cultural, social and outreach programs.
  • Office of Student Success
    115 Neff Hall
    Supports students — especially those new to Wichita State University — by helping them adjust to life on campus. Free services include: tutoring, study tips and test taking skills.
  • OneStop
    112 Jardine Hall
    Assists students with admissions, financial aid, advising, student accounts and registration.
  • Post Office
    1st floor Morrison Hall
  • Rhatigan Student Center (RSC)
    978-4636 — Information Center
    Dining facilities; the University Bookstore; recreation area; hair salon; meeting rooms; Shocker Square; and a variety of programs and events.
  • Shocker Card Center/Student ID
    105 Rhatigan Student Center
  • Shocker Food Locker
    RSC 219 Tuesday & Thursday 1pm-5pm
  • Student Conduct and Community Standards
    170 Grace Wilkie Annex
    The Office of Student Conduct and Community Standards promotes student learning and development and a campus culture of respect and responsibility.
  • Student Health
    209 Ahlberg hall
    Student Health Services offers convenient and affordable oncampus health care for WSU students.
  • University Police Department
    978-3450 (TDD/TDY)
    East of Grace Wilkie Hall
    Provides assistance with jumping batteries and retrieving keys locked in vehicles. Escorts students to vehicles, residence halls and classes after dark on request. Maintains lost and found and security for the campus.
Involvement Opportunities
  • Campus Recreation
    Heskett Center
    Intramural sports programs, exercise equipment, sports clubs and the independent varsity sport of crew.
  • Student Activities Council
    216 Rhatigan Student Center
    The largest student-run event planning organization at WSU, sponsoring more than 150 events annually. Membership is open to all students.
  • Student Government Association
    219 Rhatigan Student Center
    An elected body of students which enables students to voice their opinions about campus issues, academic concerns, tuition costs and student/faculty disputes. In addition, SGA allocates student fees for the operation of many campus services, student organizations and activities.
  • Shocker Sports Grill and Lanes
    Lower Level, Rhatigan Student Center
    Features bowling, billiards, darts and video games. Soft drinks, snacks and beer are also available.
  • Student Involvement
    216 Rhatigan Student Center
    Home to a variety of programs and services such as Greek life, student organization advising and support, leadership development programs and community service and civic engagement opportunities.
Financial Responsibilities
  • Accounts Receivable
    201 Jardine Hall
    Accounts Receivable Office is responsible for the collection and deposits of fines, payment plans, housing payments and tuition refund checks.
  • Office of Financial Aid
    203 Jardine Hall
    Assists students in obtaining an affordable education through scholarships, grants, loans and work opportunities.
  • Office for Student Money Management (OSMM)
    115 Neff Hall
    Coaching on making and keeping a budget, managing debt and other personal finance management issues.
  • Veterans Services
    105 Grace Wilkie Hall
    Assists Veterans and their dependents in applying for education benefits. In addition, Veteran Services provides assistance and benefit certification for students using GI Bill Education Benefits.
Online Academic Resources
Writing Assistance

The Purdue Online Writing Lab (OWL) -- a helpful resource for writing a paper from introduction to conclusion

The Process and Types of Writing

How to Write an Academic Essay

How to Make a Thesis Statement

Avoiding Plagiarism

Evaluating Web Resources

Why Can’t I Just Use Wikipedia?

Spelling and Grammar Automatic Review:
GRAMMARLY (Premium is available to all SSS students in-office)

Math Assistance
General Math Websites
  • Wolframalpha: This site will perform almost any mathematical operation such as graphing, differentiating, integrating, solving equations, arithmetic and more. Math students should familiarize themselves with this website. Check it out!
  • Mathway: This site will perform many computations, algebraic processes, calculus, graphing, matrices, etc.
  • Symbolab:  Performs operations, solves equations, computes derivatives and integrals and more.  Come with symbolic interface.
  • Just Math Tutorials: Videos on all topics in arithmetic, algebra, trigonometry, calculus, differential equations, linear algebra, discrete math, probability and statistics.
  • Khan Academy: This site contains many videos on virtually all mathematics topics.  There are also interactive quizzes.
  • Numberempire:  This site will solve equations, compute derivatives and integrals, matrix arithmetic, statistics, and more.
  • Contains explanations on almost all topics in mathematics from arithmetic to calculus. If you need review, more practice or deeper understanding of specific topics, this is the place to look. There are many useful tools such as calculators, study tips, etc. There are even GAMES that require some logical thinking... Check it out!
  • Dictionary of Math Terms: Here is a dictionary that gives you clear definitions of words used in the world of mathematics. Interesting facts and properties of specific integers are included.
Graphing and Calculating Utilities
  • Desmos: The best free online graphing and scientific calculator.  Beautiful graphs. Sophisticated, yet easy to use.
  • Many interactive exercises.
  • IXL Algebra 1: Here you can practice a wide variety of elementary algebra problems online.  A great way to review course topics and test your knowledge.
  • IXL Algebra 2: Here you can practice a wide variety of intermediate algebra problems online. A great way to review course topics and test your knowledge.
  • Elementary Algebra: Virtual Math Lab: Tutorial on all topics in Elementary Algebra from West Texas A & M University
  • Intermediate Algebra: Virtual Math Lab: Tutorial on all topics in Intermediate Algebra from West Texas A & M University
  • Matrix Calculator (Reshish): Will do matrix arithmetic, inverses, row reduction, eigenvalues, Gauss-Jordan, Cramer's Rule.
  • Matrix Calculator (Bluebit): Will Do matrix arithmetic, inverses, row reduction, eigenvalues, Gauss-Jordan, Cramer Rule.
  • Prime numbers: The Prime Pages contain EVERYTHING you will want to know about prime numbers. A fun site to explore.

π (Pi)

  • The Joy of Pi: Another great site with much information and entertainment surrounding the number pi. Many links to other pi websites.
  • Many links to a variety of calculus-related websites. Explore!
  • Visual Calculus: A great site with explanations, animations and interactive exercises and explorations. Some applications need specialized software, but you can run most of the exercises without them. Includes topics in pre-calculus.
  • Famous Curves Index: A comprehensive list of famous curves in Cartesian, polar and parametric form.
  • College Algebra: Virtual Math Lab: Tutorial on all topics in College Algebra from West Texas A & M University... just in case you need to review some topics.
  • The Integrator: Integrates most functions. Excellent way to practice!
History of Mathematics