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What licensure exams do I need to take?  

 Tests Required for Specific Licensure Areas

All candidates seeking their initial teaching license or in an advanced level program leading to a School Specialty License, must complete the required exam(s) in their content area.  

Early Childhood Unified

Education of Young Children

Special Education: Preschool/Early Childhood

Elementary Education: Content Knowledge for Teaching

  • Reading and Language Arts CKT Subtest
  • Mathematics CKT Subtest
  • Science CKT Subtest
  • Social Studies CKT Subtest

Elementary Education

Elementary Education: Content Knowledge for Teaching

  • Reading and Language Arts CKT Subtest
  • Mathematics CKT Subtest
  • Science CKT Subtest
  • Social Studies CKT Subtest

ECU/Elementary Education Apprentice (TAP Program)

Education of Young Children

Special Education: Preschool/Early Childhood


Elementary Education: Content Knowledge for Teaching

  • Reading and Language Arts CKT Subtest
  • Mathematics CKT Subtest
  • Science CKT Subtest
  • Social Studies CKT Subtest


Education of Young Children

Special Education: Preschool/Early Childhood

Middle Level Education 5-8

Middle School English Language Arts

Middle School Social Studies

Middle School Mathematics

Middle School Science

Secondary Education 6-12

Biology: Content Knowledge

Chemistry: Content Knowledge

Earth and Space Sciences: Content Knowledge

English Language Arts: Content Knowledge

Social Studies: Content Knowledge

Mathematics: Content Knowledge

Physics: Content Knowledge

All Grades Prek-12

Art: Content Knowledge

French: World Language

Music: Content Knowledge

Physical Education: Content Knowledge

Spanish: World Language

Advanced Programs

Special Education: Core Knowledge and Mild to Moderate Applications

Special Education: Core Knowledge and Severe to Profound Applications

School Leaders Licensure Assessment

School Superintendent Assessment

Professional School Counselor

School Psychologist

Preparing for the Praxis exam

There are a number of resources you can utilize in order to prepare for your licensure exams.

Preparing to Take a Praxis® Test Webinar

Prepare for your Praxis Exam

ETS Study Companion and Study Plan

  1. Go to  Kansas Test Requirements 
  2. Locate test Required for Specific Licensure Area.
  3. Choose the Study Companion (PDF). Review this document.  This document provides you with information about the test, type of questions on the exam, how to develop a study plan and strategy for success, and most importantly the study topics you need to review in order to prepare for the exam.   
  4. Choose the Study Plan (word).  This study plan provides the test content categories and provides a clear picture of the topics that will be addressed in the exam. 

ETS Test Preparation Videos

These test familiarization videos offer important information you should know when getting ready for your test. For a look at what to expect on the day of your test, how to navigate through a Praxis® test and more, visit the Video Library.

Wichita State Ablah Library Resources

There are a number of resources available through the university library.  You can find these Teacher Certification resources at this link: Library Resources

Other Resources

Quizlet: There are a number of resources on this web page that are created by other students.  Make sure you search and utilize resources specific to your exam as designated on Kansas Test Requirements  webpage. 


Use Learning Express to access & complete practice licensure exams

  1. Go to State Library of Kansas Skill builders
  2. Scroll down to Skill Builders section and choose Learning Express
  3. Next Screen Sign in/Register
    1. Your Institution is: State Library of Kansas
    2. user name: KS Lib Card ID #*
    3. password: mmddyyyy (your birthday)
  4. Once logged in, go to top and choose Centers, then Career Preparation, then choose Prepare for Teaching Exams
  5. Scroll down and you will find a section labeled Prepare for Praxis Subject Assessments, choose the praxis or PLT of your choice

*KS Library Card is a free service to all residents of Kansas (see directions below).

Current Learning Express exams in alignment to Kansas Licensure Requirements

These praxis exams do NOT align with Kansas Licensure Requirements  - do not use these resources

  • Praxis® Early Childhood: Content Knowledge Practice Tests
  • Praxis® Elementary Education: Multiple Subjects Practice Tests
  • Praxis® Middle School: Content Knowledge Practice Tests
  • Praxis® Special Education: Core Knowledge and Applications Practice Tests
  • Praxis® Speech-Language Pathology Practice Tests

To obtain/activate a State Library Card follow these directions:

  1. Contact Wichita State Ablah circulation staff, Cynorra Jackson, with your name, WSU ID, current education program and college (College of Applied Studies or College of Fine Arts), and your desire to obtain a KS Library Card


  1. Request a card at your local public, academic, or school library. The library may require some proof of your Kansas residency. The staff will enter your full name and date of birth into the Kansas Library eCard database. The library will provide you with a paper card, which will have your KSLC number. Your birthdate in MMDDYYYY format will be the password, and it will expire 3 years after creation.

Kansas Library eCard FAQs

Kansas Library eCard provides access to digital materials available to all Kansas residents (ebooks/audiobooks, research databases). It is not so much a "card" as it is a login for online materials.

240 Tutoring

  • There is a cost associated with some services on this webpage. These expenses are the responsibility of the candidate.
  • Please ensure you are utilizing the correct test number as outlined under the What Licensure exams do I need to take? section as outlined on this page 


Testing Accommodations

ETS is committed to providing testing accommodations for candidates with documented disabilities or health-related needs, as recognized under the Americans with Disabilities Act Amendments Act (ADAAA). For more information for test takers, visit Disability Accommodations on the test-taker website.

The Praxis tests are given only in English. If English is not your primary language, you may be eligible for extended testing time on all test dates and at all established test centers.

When should I complete my licensure exams?  

Initial Licensure Programs:

Elementary Education/Early Childhood Unified (On-Campus)- teacher candidates are suggested to complete the PRAXIS  before starting their CORE 4 teaching internships

Teacher Apprentice Program™- Praxis Tests and Related Courses

World Languages (Spanish, French)- after candidates have completed their specialization in French or Spanish from their content courses AND during the semester of their final full-time internship, after they passed ISAM 454F

Middle/Secondary Math-  once all math courses have been completed.  Students usually complete their math content courses in the Spring of their junior year (after Core 2) or Fall of senior year (after Core 3). 

Middle/Secondary History/Government- ideally should take the Praxis  during their Core III semester, while taking CI 435J during the fall semester.  This allows candidates to focus more on their student teaching the following semester

Middle/Secondary English- English Education candidates generally complete the Praxis exams toward the end of Core 3 (CI 435E and CI 412/413E) or during Core 4 (CI 436E and CI 461/471E).

Middle/Scondary Sciences (Biology, Chemistry, Earth and Space, Physics)-  The recommendation is to complete the Praxis Exam upon completion of as many of the required science content courses as possible. For most candidates this is near or during the Core 3 semester. Please review the Preparation Materials online (Study Companion, Study Plan) to examine the breadth and depth of content featured in the exam, and prepare accordingly. 

Music Education- take the Praxis during pre-student teaching (MUSE 305)

Art Education- mid semester during their last semester

Transition to Teaching (T2T)-

  1. Subject Assessment Exam – it must be taken and passed prior to (or as close as possible to) the program entry deadline date for each year, which is May 1st. A passing score must be on file with WSU before they can apply for a restricted teaching license which happens in June and July (after they have secured a teaching position in their licensing content field).

MAT-ECU- during their final internship semester (ISLE 749)

High Incidence Alternative Certification-   SPED Praxis Content exam for high incidence upon completion of all the preparatory and required core courses. 

All alternative or advanced licensure programs should communicate with their program faculty as to when to take the Praxis exams.

How do I sign up for a test?

1) First create a Praxis Account by visiting this link:

2) Select PRAXIS - Sign In

3)"Register for a Test" and acknowledge policies set forth on the Praxis website

4) Select Kansas with "Kansas State Department of Education" as the Certifying State or National Agency

5) Select test(s) you wish to take

6) Schedule Tests

7) Enter Zipcode and select Test Center, Date, and Time

8) Identify Wichita State University (6884) as attending institution

9) Enter Payment and Confirm